Mitt Romney offense looks more like defense

Romney and the flag

All day yesterday I was hearing how Mitt Romney is on the offensive. He’s been on the offensive since the primaries started. Hell he’s been on the offensive since McCain beat him. Romney was the front runner in a pool no names candidates, two has beens, and a highly overrated asshole cowboy who shot himself in both feet. The only competition for Romney is the party he’s a part of.  He’s been the one constant in the game of musical chairs, everyone one has had their spotlight moment to be a threat to who? Romney. He has been Ali with no Frasier. There’s been a Foreman, a Patterson, maybe a Liston but no Frasier at all. Now what was once thought to be a two for two victory in the first two primary votes is now a one for two thing and having his ass handed to him down in South Carolina, a place he really had no real chance at anyway, now he’s on the defensive.

I’ve asked before what is the motivating force behind this run? There seem to be more excitement about him winning one out of three primary votes than anything else leading up to this. The media hasn’t been this excited since the thought of Christie getting in the primary race had really picked up steam. If anything if I’m a republican I hope Romney doesn’t get the nomination because his party has shitted on him so bad that he might just become everything they claim he is if is to beat Obama.

As of now Romney has to regroup and now take this race a lot more serious than ever had to. At no point before the voting did Romney have to consider anyone a true threat pass Rick Perry the first few weeks of him entering the race. All the other hot for the moment candidates that got there week or two to shine to have news networks break down their political profile never were on Romney’s radar. Newt Gingrich became that threat because he (Gingrich) is just as well known as Romney is on a national. Its natural Newt would be the major thorn in his side and that their down south things totally are different. Romney now has to fight to stay alive. That’s not offense that’s defense.

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