Common may need a Hip Hop lesson in beef




Here is a beef that has gone on way too long already. Common vs. Drake. While at Aka Hip I saw an interview with Common and it was about this whole beef. What’s crazy about this whole thing is Common hasn’t gotten this much publicity since Be when the word first came out the Kanye West was going to produce the whole album. Three albums after Be and the only hype even close to that album is a beef with Drake.


First off anyone who knows Hip Hop and respects real MCs knows this isn’t even worth putting thought into. Common is the better MC, artist and actor (well he starred in a movie, Just Wright, and worked along side Morgan Freeman King) but Drake is popular. Looking at this interview in the end Common says something about who decides the winner of these beefs. Now I first heard the interview because I was reading a comic book and that part came and I had to pull it back and see Common say what he said. What was crazy is I was expecting to the light bulb moment as he said those words. He didn’t but he should have.


Look this is ALMOST like what happened about a decade ago with KRS One and Nelly. Remember that beef? No, well Nelly was hot, real hot and had a song called “No. 1” and there was a line about people saying what’s real Hip Hop those rappers albums flop. KRS was featured on a song sometime after that and said something that came off like a diss to Nelly. From there the two kinda sorta went at each other. I say kinda because Nelly didn’t make a song just was featured on a remix and said some slick shit and had a freestyle dissing KRS. Of course KRS being the better MC killed Nelly with every track aimed at him. The problem is Nelly fans didn’t know KRS and radio since their record labels puppets and Universal put the push for Nelly radio only rocked Nelly stuff and it came off like Nelly was better “rapper”. This could go that way for this beef. I’ve seen Common in a few interviews and can tell you most of the people interviewing him are jumping on this beef bandwagon. I say that because any real Common or Hip Hop fan would ask if Common will go “Bitch In You” hard at Drake or just do a verse here and there? Then you add the fact out of the blue there are half ass mixtapes featuring Drake and Common songs as if Drake has a catalog as long as Common does.


In the end Common could come away looking like the loser to someone who really isn’t close to being on the same level as he is. Drake is popular and for some reason these blogs, Hip Hop websites, Hip Hop magazines and these people doing video interviews are making these young Hip Hop fans believe Drake is a real challenge for Common. What’s next Lil B. vs. Royce and people really thinking Lil B. may be able to take Royce. Hip Hop is real funny style right now.

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