Embarrassing Americans: Guess who’s on food stamps?

Food stamp card

Newt Gingrich is really getting a lot of love for calling Obama the food stamp President. I don’t see it as a racist comment, I see it as a tagline that can’t be broken down in detail because then politicians in general become the villain and reason on why Gingrich can even say such a thing. The reason people, more people, are on food stamps is because most of the new people that qualify now are former middle class people who have become part of the long term unemployed or the jobs they have now aren’t paying well. The issue is food stamps has always been associated with people mostly minorities and mostly African Americans being lazy and not wanting to work. I remember in 2010 people wanted to not even say food stamp, there was some offbeat label attached to it that I can’t remember right now. The way I see it those who are applauding and laughing at the food stamp President label are part of this “class warfare” talk the Republicans have brought up. It’s saying that those cheering are doing well and they have no idea nor care to know about how all these new people who have now found themselves dependant on food stamps got there. What we are hearing are white people who want to work or are working and the jobs don’t pay well so they can qualify for food stamps. Most of those people just didn’t go to sign up for it they just tried to work it out without assistance but if you have children that means you have to swallow your pride.

If Gingrich really wanted to make a point about food stamps why not talk about how it is the government that gives people from other countries that move here legally food stamps as well as have no taxes taken out of their checks. So now if you take away those who are unemployed or underpaid you still have a lot of people on food stamp and some of them if they were born and raised Americans wouldn’t even qualify for food stamps. You can’t bring that up because that becomes a government issue. Again most people are underpaid which falls back on wages that neither party really wants to take on. That also brings up outsourcing jobs that if here could not and should not be low paying jobs. No one is bringing that up. It’s easy to blame any President or politician for all these problems but not having answers that will help all Americans seem to be where the Republicans fall short. The last major idea that looked good was the 999 plan. That was flawed but at least there was an idea thrown out there. Right now the GOP are finger pointing as they have been doing since Obama took office, but now it’s time to truly layout an alternative that will get all these people off food stamps and get them back to work with jobs were the wages won’t have Americans qualifying for food stamps. Until Gingrich does that he’s do nothing but the same old GOP plan they’ve been doing for four years and that’s preaching to the choir.


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