Black Men can’t be homophobes

roland martin

Roland Martin was fired from CNN because of tweet that really wasn’t anti- gay but more of a corny comment that was supposed to be funny. The fact that ad aired during a football game where the main viewers are men is either very secure move on the part Beckham, it was something any man would joke about. Bypassing that and really going to the real issue, it is me or are only black men getting caught up in this whole homophobia attack that GLAAD loves to do. Last year it was Tracy Morgan a few years ago it was Isaiah Washington who lost his job for calling a cast member faggot that was really gay. Am I defending African American men saying something negative about gays? Nope not at all.

I am noticing that African American men comments towards gays seem to get blown out of proportion all the time. Not sure why that’s the case but it seems to be a theme when it comes to African American men that say anything against gays. What if Martin had tweeted just slide away from or get up and move away from a guy who seems to be turned on by watching Beckham in that ad, would it had been just as bad? I’m sure it would have been and somehow turned into a message about how gays are victims of violence. I could blame it on our culture and how we as African American men frown on homosexuals but then that’s a lie. Every man knows openly gay men and right now the younger Hip Hop males dress like chicks with no sense of shame at all. We see gay men at the hair salons, nail shops, clothing stores and church. Some dancers and stage actors people come across are gay. We say slick stuff here and there and I personally don’t know any gay people who have been beaten up because they’re gay and I don’t know dudes who go out their way to bring harm to a person because they’re gay. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but to somehow connect a comment one person says to those incidents that happens to a gay person makes no sense to me. It’s like GLAAD has a bit of a preconceived jaded view of African American men. We are seen as violent as a race of men so of course if we make anti gay comments it must mean we’d go out and do harm to gays. So should someone be in their ass (fuck a pun) about this pattern they have developed themselves where they associate acts of violence with anti gay comments made by African Americans? As people, not just blacks, we joke on gays men. We joke on people who are really obese, skinny, dark skin, short, people who stutter, people with a lazy eye, blind people, deaf people and I can go on all day but gays have now become off limits. So if more obese teens and young adults killed themselves or got beat up because they’re obese would there be some group on their behalf looking to ban the syndication of The Drew Carey Show and the Shallow Hal movie?

It seems GLAAD just sits around and surfs Twitter and many other sites looking for celebrities saying something that sounds like its anti gay. I’m pretty sure you could have found many tweets like the one Martin tweeted, those people aren’t seen on television so their thoughts are important. Why not, because their some guy or girl at home or a bar with his friends and no one outside of that circle knows them? So if Roland Martin was a UPS worker hanging out a Super Bowl party and tweeted that same comment he’d still be driving a truck or putting packages somewhere in a hub. His supervisor wouldn’t call him in the office and tell him GLAAD has a problem with that tweet he sent last night then he would get fired. No it wouldn’t happen. So there were no other faces seen on television or heard on the radio that’s not African American that had a off beat comment about Beckham?


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