She’s still Jenny from the block

Jennifer hudson

Sunday night Jennifer Hudson showed why I mention her when I talk about females who can really sing. She owned that Whitney song, I mean if it wasn’t for the fact we know it is the Whitney Houston rendition that made that Dolly Parton song what it is today. Jennifer could have a hit on her hands. This is why I give her, Jay – Z and Fantasia such a hard time. Unlike many of their so called peers that flood “urban radio” and Top 40 radio those three actually have talent. There’s not one female on the radio in constant rotation right now or in the last few years that could have done what Jennifer Hudson did, not one. The Grammys could have easily called Christina Aguilera on stage to do it because she can sing and could have pulled t off too. Whitney wasn’t one of these pop stars who was all looks and little talent. I heard Ashanti do a Whitney song and was shocked she did ok, well good by Ashanti standards. The music industry and those who say they love music heard a great voice honor another great voice, the problem is that’s where it will stop. You turn the radio on and you will men and women that I sound better than singing songs that sound like stuff R. Kelly in his prime or even now would record for the fuck of it with no real intent on trying to make them an outright song.


I hope someone takes notice of the true talent Jennifer Hudson has and find her suitable songs to sing because unlike her co star in Dream Girls Hudson could be the next reigning queen in R&B. We saw and heard it that movie, it’s time she took her place with the legend she paid tribute to and all those others who we all know wouldn’t hesitate to endorse her. People love to say the Grammys changed many careers for the better, I hope this is one of those careers that get a real good make over and have Jennifer Hudson be the template for what a female so called R&B singer should sound like. She raised the bar and not many maybe 4 younger female can rise to that level. It felt good to hear a talented female sing an actual good song, it’d be nice if that became the shit to do again.


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