Embarrassing Americans: The color of love

Here is a nice little study, 8.4% of all marriages in America are interracial. Yes, somehow this has a group of people following just how this breaks down. What marriages are interracial? What’s crazier is how this boils down economically too. Of course no married couple in America is going to make more than a white couple at $60, 000 but Asians do with $62,000. That same common sense of how America tends to work out means that yes the bottom of this economic latter has Hispanics at close to $36,000 with blacks, not African Americans by the way all blacks, at $ 47,000. Above blacks and Hispanics are the interracial combinations where a white person is involved.

The break down of who seems to marry outside of their race reads like one of those bitter African American female books where all the main character wants is a responsible, respectful, intellectual brother… but all the good brothers are with white women. Yes, it seems “blacks who married outside their race increased in share from 15.5 percent to 17.1 percent, due in part to a rising black middle class that has more interaction with other races.” For an African American woman that’s the last thing they want to hear or see. What’s odd it that this is being monitored, the AP story seem to trying to sell someone that this is a good thing. There lies an issue because most studies, I mean any study is debatable. You name a study you can turn to a news network and see two faces on a split screen with one being the pro and one being the con.

Yes most of these interracial marriages take place on the East and West coast. It’s where diversity is really seen at. The article and study also wants to give the impression that this will be America’s future. The problem is our present is still looking like our past. Television and movies rarely show interracial relationships, and those who are mixed usually get cast by skin tone. I know many people that have no idea Freddie Prince Jr. is half Puerto Rican. Should he play a Hispanic in films because he is part Puerto Rican?  No not all. Should we even care? No at all, but it is a fact. This study in itself is old school. You can tell how it only focused on who is marrying whites. The Hispanics, Asians and blacks. It really doesn’t focus on Asians with blacks, Hispanics with blacks, Middle Eastern with blacks or Jews and any those races race unless Jews were lumped in with whites. It almost reads like some odd way to say being with someone white makes things better. Black females rarely marry outside their race while black men do… to White women, from what the study shows as well as the story of many angry black chicks. That’s where it kinda stops with white women. The other two main focused on ethnic groups are the females with white men.  It’s 2012, we have a black man as our President whose mother was white and farther black. This shouldn’t be a study at all, its life.  I figure the cavemen with the flatscreen 50 inch TVs and Ipads are still clinging on the no race mixing because your children will be retards stuff. I know more than my share of interracial couples and people from those couples. Never thought there needed to be study on it.

We all know the stories of the prince or princess falling in love with the poor person in the village. It’s all good to love someone for who they are inside now we’re seeing that if you throw a race in the mix it becomes a different vibe. Love has no color. People with small minds still think in that “race” aspect. The same “race” plays a part in beauty in not just our country but the world. I personally never gave a race a second thought when I was with females. Now to be fair I didn’t get with white chicks on their “black dude” kick it remeinded me of  a few white guys I know that like women of color because they’re “exotic” or when they caught “yellow fever”. I remember I thought that was really a sickness and didn’t want to get it when I was in the 7th grade. That kind of attraction is out there everywhere, people seem to get off on being with another race, some still say shit like taboo… Taboo, it’s another human, not your dog or some blow up doll.. This study gives me that kind of funny vibe when I read stuff like “About 83 percent of Americans say it is “all right for blacks and whites to date each other,” up from 48 percent in 1987. As a whole, about 63 percent of those surveyed say it “would be fine” if a family member were to marry outside their race.”  It comes off less like someone loves someone who is of a different race because that is a great person and more like some odd thing that’s cool to like having those tiny toy dogs a few years back. Love is color blind, can’t say the same for people.

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