Yes this can be used as a hate crime

Dharun Ravi

Dharun Ravi trail is still in limbo on whether or not what he did, secretly video taping his gay roommate having sex, will become a hate crime. It should be a hate crime. Yes, now everyone knows that Tyler Clementi was already out to his family and to those he wanted to know. Somehow that has people feeling well the “hate” aspect of this should be dropped. Why is that, because we know now that Clementi wasn’t outted by this “prank”? At the time the news first broke no one knew that which means maybe Ravi didn’t know either. He secretly got a sexual encounter on video to show it to his friends, why? Just an honest question here, when is the last time a secret video recording was done for a positive reason that you know of? I mean it’s either to catch someone doing something wrong, used in blackmail or used to show what people do when no one is around and that’s supposed to be viewed all in the name of fun.

Listening to NPR last week and it seems the prosecution is coming off like he was “fascinated” by Clementi being gay. That alone is hateful. That’s what slave owners felt about their slaves having sex, “fascinated”. It’s what I’ve heard African Americans come off about Africans having sex, “fascinated”. It comes like they’re not talking about humans at all. I don’t know of one person I know that if I was to tell them I was going to or have already video recorded my gay roommate with his boyfriend having sex that wouldn’t question my actions. I’d be viewed and judged unkindly. So for Ravi to do what he did and have people to that he knew of that wanted to see this means again there was a need to do some kind of harm. Maybe just tease Clementi about what happen but that tease can be verbal and emotional abuse. So verbal and emotional abuse doesn’t count as hate crimes? Why not? Again people are just finding out Clementi was openly gay to his family and that’s somewhat new news. Ravi has not once apologized about what happened. It comes off like Ravi doesn’t care and didn’t care then. Maybe he will get by if this comes away looking like some immature prank… An odd hateful prank


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