Do we really want to go back to this?


“he is consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the United States, period.”

– Newt Gingrich

Let’s be clear whether you’re part of the group of people who feel Obama has met nothing but opposition since he became president or you’re not, he hasn’t gotten much done pass the health care bill and the bailouts. One thing he has done that is underplayed is restore good faith in us to those smaller and poorer countries. It’s easy to buddy it up with the Brits and have meeting with China and France. Hillary Clinton was in Burma, Obama showed love to those who were protesting in the Middle East and Egypt. Most of those dictators in power for decades were there because of us and the European nations putting them there.

I don’t get how we are cool with having this American arrogance play out all the time. Our soldiers burned Qurans with the trash, that’s just wrong, no if ands or buts about it. Now to be fair our news media which in any other time seems so ignorant as to how to practice Islam were quick to point out such a thing as burning the holy book happens. Yes it does, just the books, it’s not burned with old wood or what was in a trash can. The people of Afghanistan have a right to be upset. Somehow our last president made wars with two countries one being Afghanistan instead of the terrorist group responsible for 9/11. From that point on it has been some sideways war against Islam. This burning Qurans is just more signs of disrespect for a region and the religion that’s practiced there. If these were Christians would such a mistake had happened, if the same scenario played out from the uproar to Obama apologizing would Newt had even said anything?  Matter of fact he would, he’d be apologizing on the behalf of America and doing so because he felt our commander and chief hadn’t acted fast enough. Being unapologetic and somewhat hateful to Islam is what got us here in the first place. Bush wasn’t going to say sorry to the people of Iraq because he threw them in the mix because he had a personal score to settle, Mitt Romney has a book out because he too like Newt feels Obama is apologizing too much and then there is the stupid comment by Newt and the faithful followers of close-mindedness that applauded the coment.

So by Newts law Jewish people should apologize for lives lost in World War Two. I mean Hitler was no where near America, we went overseas and many lives were lost, should Jewish people being apologizing? Hell how about Germans too because we were actual fighting them?  Should the Japanese apologize? I can go on with those countries we fought and have had lost of life because of it, but is that really the point of the comment? It was more  “we’re the United States of America” bullshit. We had people go crazy over burning flags, hell we had it become a “hot button issue” in an election year. People still have strong feelings about that now, but for people to have those same feeling for the holy book is overdoing it? I burn the U.S. flag in Germany I’m sure Germans aren’t going to cry foul. I go outside of any Masque in the WORLD and burn a Quran there will be problems. The irony of this whole story is as Newt is tripping out about people rioting and killing Americans because we burned Qurans here in America people were doing harm to one another over fucking sneakers…. Sneakers. Not sure what religion worships Nike but if it’s Islam I’m sure some GOP candidate will say something negative about it. I don’t think we need to go back to the “we’re the most powerful nation” bully tactics of the Bush Administration and it seems all the Republicans candidates are willing to do just that. Is that really what we want?


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