Embarrassing Americans: The power of a Nike shoe

Nike Foamposite Galaxy

First off it costs $220 for these? They look like some generic spaceship on some B movie knock off of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. They look like that Superman suit Tim Burton had made for his version of Superman movie that never was. I guess throw a swoosh on it and it automatically becomes a must have.

I really tried not to let this story get to me but when I hear people complain about the price of gas and few other things I can’t help but think about these ugly shoes, saved or came up with the money for them you lose the right to complain about the price of anything. Those who were caught up in such a dumb situation of rioting over sneakers, it gets labeled as some black people thing. This isn’t new for Americans because Playstation, Xbox, Ianything by Apple and the newest toys and games find themselves reason why people go crazy on Black Friday. Does that lessen the ignorance of what happened over some sneakers? No it doesn’t. It just means it’s not new news. Of course the people getting interviewed were black people who had nothing that note worthy to say, but what can you say? You can’t defend the rioting and you can’t speak negative about the rioting because that person was looking to get the shoes too so they’re a small part of the problem. It would be nice if young African Americans were this passionate about books or education. A slight uproar at a City Hall meeting about tearing down homes, apartments, schools and shopping centers in urban areas with such passion would be cool. It might not become news because that uproar is for a good reason and one thing that seems to be harder to find than good black films is news of black people doing productive stuff for their inner city community. The way the news media broke the story you’d think something like has never happened at all. Not true at all.

I want to take various pieces of my trash and mold that into a design for a shoe. Give it to Nike and let them find somewhere to throw the swoosh on it and sell for just half the price of these fugly shoes. I will happily take $50 for every pair sold. I’m sure I will come out ahead because Nike has been coming out with a gang of ugly shoes for years.  The only people who came out looking good in the story are those of Nike. They have shown why there is no other shoe company that has America on lock like Nike. Adidas, Reebok, K-Swiss and even those actual expensive shoe brands have nothing on Nike. I was told that if I was going to buy stock in anything get something that will not go anywhere, it will always be here… I’m looking up Nike when I move.


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