I’m scared of republicans

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum called himself calling Obama out because he like many people feel college should be affordable for all Americans. Now hearing the comment, when Rick Santorum first states his bold comment, you can hear a laughter as if something was funny about making college affordable. What kills me Rick Santorum went to Penn State, our last president went to college, hell you can’t find one politicians that hasn‘t had a  college education I don’t think. If I’m wrong and someone reading this knows of a politician right now serving that has no college education please give me the name. I mean even the “snob” idea of want every American have a chance at a better life doesn’t sound snobbish to me. I know snobs and most of them are selfish and if they do give a damn about anyone it’s not about a lot of humans. Dogs, cats, plants, sea creatures, buildings and art will get a snobs attention before poorly educated people.

For some reason it seems Republicans are fueled with hate and fear. So no mandatory health care, no bailing out anything of any kind, find a way to be racist to Hispanics via the law, don’t raise wages, do not allow gays to get married, don’t give a helping hand to those in need, don’t let expecting mothers get early care because somehow that leads to a higher abortion rate, don’t apologize for burning another religions holy book and now add no affordable higher education for all Americans. There is such a need to by republicans to keep America divided. Even as people state our country is becoming more diverse the GOP still makes it a must to focus on older white people hoping that the views have been soaked up by their children to keep the same close minded views alive. The Tea Party proves that there are many modern day cavemen who have no idea of the real world. People have went out of their way to ensure the world they live in fits their ideology. It’s the saddest thing about watching these primaries play out because these candidates are so focused on the Tea Party is that you’d think those ideas are how all Americans see things. Which leads to the bigger question how will these extremes work in a general election? Can Rick Santorum really say how dare Obama want college education to be affordable in a general election? Can he continue to go all pro Christian anti every other belief in a general election? The world is so much bigger now and to have such a closed minded view on the country and the world isn’t a good thing at all.


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