Monday Poll: Who will make Mitt Romney the Republican presidential candidate?

Mitt Romney

My how things have changed all of a sudden, it seems just like yesterday “The Republican establishment” wanted anyone but Mitt Romney. Today that “establishment” is the driving force that has kept him afloat as of late. Of course there is a much deeper problem within the GOP and this primary race has really allowed those willing to see beyond the media hype to catch a small glimpse here and there as to just what those problems are. We are a nation driven by what we see and hear, this primary race alone is a perfect example of that. The more it seems “The Republican establishment” seems to be behind Romney the more some voters who weren’t sold on him months ago are now willing to hear him out and view him as the lesser of two evils in both races, this primary and the general election.

Still with all that said when you look at where Romney seems to be winning big as opposed to where he has struggled or lost you see there are issues. The people in the South and Midwest aren’t completely sold on Romney, Michigan wasn’t exactly a given like it was predicted to be at first glance. So with the South up for grabs and the Midwest not really being Romney country where or how will he get those votes? This looks like a case of the people vs. “the establishment”, that being the true insiders of the GOP. News media shows are already breaking down the many ways Romney can claim victory that go beyond popular vote or popularity among voters. So will the people continue to be won over by the attack ads or will this be a case of number crunching and Romney comes out on top and the people will be so anti Obama that they just ride with who “The Republican establishment” is willing to back


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