It’s like a movie I’ve seen before

obama new yorker cover

While listening to Morning Edition a segment yesterday was about Biden heading out to speak on behalf of Obama for re-election. One of the first things you heard and I had to go to the transcript and read was “His everyman persona and glad-handing style help the vice president connect to white working-class voters in a way that President Obama does not.”  What is crazy is that I know that comment wasn’t supposed to be as racist as it looks. The truth is as much as we as African Americans and those who love to hate the GOP love to limit the race factor the GOP, those who bleed blue liberal values too have had a hard time accepting Obama as the President.

This struck me like watching The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond and The Last King Of Scotland. That means a white man saves the day. It’s sad that it’s hard for white people from both parties not wanting to accept a Black man as The President of The United State. Why? I understand that a Vice President does play a major part in the re-election campaign but to say Biden will help get Obama over with blue collar working class white people sound more sad than helpful. If, and I will say if, if it a race issue does Obama really want their vote?

I was watching American Gangster as I was packing stuff up and the part where Richie was talking to Frank Lucas about why the Italians will be willing to help convict Frank summed up this Obama drama. The lines were “Because apart from the fact they hate you personally, they hate what you represent. You represent progress. With you out of the way, everything can return to normal.”  I’m pretty sure both Obama and Biden understand what needs to be done and may not like it but if it means a Republican wont become the President I figure it’s a necessary evil. What should have been a monumental moment in history in 2008 has turned out to be one long embarrassment. I hope when we reflect on this time 20 years down the line we will shake our heads at those who were racist the way many white people did while watching and or reading The Help or any other movie about racism back in the day.

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