Embarrassing Americans: Was it really March Madness or just Mississippi being Mississippi?

s. miss
“Where’s you’re green card?”


–        Southern Mississippi University band members

There are three things many people think of when they think of people from the south.

  1. Racist
  2. Ignorant
  3. Dumb

Well I’m sure the first one will not hurt any feelings down there these days since racism is somewhat an unspoken by the word “racism” but heavily an acted upon action since Obama has been president. The “dumb” thing used to be fighting words. I’m old enough to remember when African Americans who lived under Virginia or even within the state west of Richmond hated to be considered dumb. This is of course before the South took over Hip Hop with the basic beats and even more basic Cat In The Hat raps, back when Outkast was the only group that got respect from the Hip Hop community that was from the South because they had bars and high concepts and great music.

The South has always had a certain stigma placed on them for one reason or another and Mississippi was the flagship state. Only Alabama comes close to be being as southern in all it’s backwoods and trapped in a time long forgotten, well only in terms of generations and cultural evolution because time wise it’s only been about 44 years since we as African Americans were granted our equal rights. So Mississippi was showing off in all its racist misinformed glory. Southern Mississippi must not offer classes about the United States and its history or maybe the band members must not be taking those classes. If they did they’d know we own Puerto Rico. I mean we as a country  “own”  Puerto Rico, you would think with ownership of an island filled with people of color  the students of Southern Mississippi would have known better than to have a chant about green cards. This was said during a national televised game during the NCAA March Madness tournament last week, you would have thought someone in the band would have pulled out a smartphone and looked the guy up before choosing to go racist with the green card chant. So not only was the comment racist and ignorant it was dumb because Angel Rodriguez is Puerto Rican.

So this is what our future has to offer? People with the answers to so much right in the palm of their hands or at the very least pockets and they chose to not even make sure they were correct on their comment. These are the college educated people that our nation focuses on, politicians focuses on, Obama certainly does because he is always giving a speech on some campus somewhere. Dumb ignorant racist people have college degrees too. They go on to run and be a major contributor to many of the great companies this country holds dear. It’s sad as many college students in the 60’s and 70’s looked to change the world for the better and college itself was supposed to be where you exposed to a wider view of the world as you saw diversity first hand… All that has been thrown out the window in the last ten years or so. I’ve said it before the “New South” is still holding many of the messed up things Old Miss passed down to them. What happened at that game was a prime example that.

What makes it worst is some sport outlets are willing to say that kind of heckling is acceptable. I personally never liked that kind of heckling, whether it be the rapist talk thrown at Kobe or killer talk thrown at Ray Lewis. Again these college students must have never been taught about Puerto Rico and somehow just assumes every Spanish person they see has to be an immigrant. That is dumb, ignorant and flat out racist. I guess things in Mississippi will never change.


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