Kansas Farmers want to be part time racist

Kansas Stamp
Kansas is not interested in deportation policies. We’re interested in work policies.”

– Allie Devine

Farmers in Kansas are looking to try to not become like the farmers in Alabama. That means the Republicans are split on this Arizona style immigration law not because some feel it is racist but because farmers will be left without workers. The only ones even fighting the bill are farmers and that is because they need workers. What you aren’t hearing about is how the wages look, so I think the wages may be low. So to ensure cheap labor farmers are willing to have a loop hole in the immigration where if illegal citizens have been in Kansas for five years or more and have no record they can stay.

Now how can that not be the case for every state? Bigger issue is if you know they’ve been in your state for five years or more illegally why haven’t anyone tried to get through the proper channels to make them legal? Money, that’s why. Labor laws, that’s why. It’s better to hire illegal citizens because it is cheaper. This has noting to do with making life better for those illegal immigrants at all. How hypocritical can people really be? You hear these people who are so for such a loop hole try to tell people that Kansas isn’t like a boarder state. Really?  Devine said “These are people that we know in small towns. They’re not foreigners…they’ve been our friends. They’ve been with our children in school. We’ve known them,” I mean illegal is illegal and I’m sure there many citizens in Arizona that have never committed a crime while in America either. They just caught a bad break by being in the first state to go so hard on illegal citizens. So those law abiding illegal citizens can’t get that same kind of pass in Arizona or Alabama, why? Why is this only about farmers? So those illegal citizens in the cities of Kansas are screwed I take it?

This is the problem republicans have in a nutshell. They have to maintain businesses get what they need and still be hard on illegal immigration. So let those who hire illegal workers continue to do so while complaining about how Obama isn’t generating jobs for American workers. Allow businesses to get by with cheap labor while knowing the cost of living is high and wages are low. Will this help get the Latino votes that the Republicans are need of? I would say yes because a good portion of Mexicans have illegal family members across America and will help them out. It is so sad that such a racist bill has now shot so many people in the foot.

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