Where are the Hp Hop artists?

big seanDrakeRick Ross

Yesterday I was pissed off about the fact the NAACP showed up in Sanford this week, and I still feel it is too late in my mind. What I’m also upset about is the lack of Hip Hop artists speaking up. Well, I mean the more popular Hip Hop artists. All the usual suspects have spoken out along with a few other Hip Hop vets but that’s as far as it goes. Ghostface, Wyclef, Big Boi, Killer Mike, Kweli and few other seasoned vets have spoken out about what happened to Martin. Not to sound like I’m dissing any of these artists but they’re not on the radio much if at all these days. Where are the more popular rappers?

In a world where a rapper can diss another rapper Monday and by Friday get a response track it seems like I’m not coming across any songs by the names that flood blogs and websites about what happened to Martin. This isn’t by any means news and it’s been a case that has been Hip Hop since Hip Hop has become so popular, it’s why when Kanye spoke about Bush hating black people so any people showed him love. Between Katrina to this story about the murder of Trayvon Martin Hip Hop seems to have disappear when real shit happens. It is as if Hip Hop no longer is planted in the real world. Public Enemy career hit a major bump when they recorded “By The Time I Get To Arizona” because that state wasn’t honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Looking back that issue is corny that a career was somewhat tarnished. Fast-forward to the now and we get nothing close to that at all. David Banner dropped “Something’s Wrong” when   Derrion Albert was killed, that was it besides the Chicago MCs who jumped on a remix of the song. For some reason rappers choose to not make songs about real issues and rather go back and forth with one another about nothing that matters outside of their egos

Maybe I’m asking for too much? Still I’m not even seeing video interviews about this coming from the more popular rappers either. I personally think most of the rappers on the radio, BET and MTV suck but if they were to step up and use the medium to their benefit to speak about what’s going on I would respect them a lot more. These rappers aren’t even speaking on what’s going on and it’s not just them but those who want to be like them. I’m on many Hip Hop sites and blogs as well as Twitter and Facebook and I see people post links to new songs they’ve just recorded and have not heard them address what happened in Florida. The irony is and has been for years is seeing Russell Simmons speak out about this and many other things. There was a time when Russell Simmons wouldn’t let some his artists, the more popular ones, be part of social conscious songs. A lot of labels and artists have followed that trend today, leave the speaking out the those who names hold weight but music doesn’t rule the airwaves. I mean Rihanna and Chris Brown recorded two songs real quick and posted them and I’m not even seeing something from them.

At what point did Hip Hop stop reflecting the street? When did Hip Hop stop being the voice of voiceless? If Tupac was here in our record it today post it today world I’m sure he’d have a song twice a day about what happened to Martin, yeah it would get repetitive by day three but it would be Pac and people would still listen. Hell Pac would be doing interviews with anyone who would book him. If Chuck D. was in his prime today he would be on any outlet too. Are artists scared to say anything about what happened? Are we as fans more concerned about another stripper theme song and raps about cars, chains, sex and getting high that if one of these rappers switches up for just a day they’d lose their place in the mix? I’ve long said that I’m not a fan of radio rappers but when they seem to be the only ones blogs and websites focus on you’d think one of them would use their popularity to speak out about this injustice on a song. Jay – Z dropped a song about his daughter and it got airplay on radio and television. That was cute and this is sad and real shit and none of the rappers out now want to address real shit. Maybe because there would be no room for chains and big butt video vixens and that’s all Hip Hop has been since 2000.  If I’m wrong and there are songs please tell me.


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