Sunday Soul Session: Obscure Gems UPDATED

Sunday Soul Session logo

I lost the track listing to this and i will update this and the Random Mix 1 post next week sometime. There are nothing but old songs on here, some you may have heard before, if not don’t worry about it just enjoy the music. As always click here and listen

  1. Aaron Neville – You Think You’re So Smart
  2. Curtis Mayfield – hard Times
  3. Funckadelic – I Bet You
  4. Jerry Butler – Only The Strong Survive
  5. Nancy Wilson – Ain’t No Sunshine
  6. Ren’ee Geyer – Love The Way You Love
  7. The Windy City – The City Of Brotherly Love
  8. Gloria Scott – I Think Of You
  9. Alvin Green & Green Face  –  Turning On And Turning In
  10. Mike & The Cenations – There’s Nothing I can Do About It
  11. Eloise Laws – Where Did We Go Wrong
  12. Mike and The Censations – There Is Nothing I Can Do About It
  13. Lee Williams & The Cymbals – Til’ You Come Back
  14. Patti Drew – Tired Of Falling In And Out Of Love
  15. Tavares – Strangers In The Dark Corners
  16. Ren’ee Geyer – Once In a Lifetime Thing
  17. Tom Brock – I Love You More & More

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