President Obama speaking to Associated Press

First off this is a long speech, like any Presidential speech of any sorts would be short, I feel I had to say it because we have short attention spans these days. Obama took a nice amount of time speaking the truth, the problem is and will always be as long as he is President, people aren’t listening to him. I’m all for Obama turning a blind eye to the obvious but to come off like it’s all about one party versus another party has gotten tired. I good portion of the speech was spent on giving examples of how the ideas he is bringing to the table are the same idea the Republican party brought up years ago. He is right, those Republicans in office like those who are paid talking heads know this fact.

Yes, The GOP has moved very far to the right but again this is more because of Obama not an ideology.  Watching Rachel Maddow she showed clips of those examples Obama gave yesterday and again you’re preaching to the choir at that point. As she spoke about Obama looking to make an impression on those Republican voters who aren’t as extreme and show them how extreme things are, the main point gets lost still. Many people aren’t even listening to Obama at all. No matter how much sense he makes they’re not going to go with anything he is saying. Mitt Romney can get as conservative as he likes because either people will vote for Romney because they agree with what he stands for or they just don’t want Obama as President for a second term. This was a great speech


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