Embarrassing Americans: celebrities giving their opinion on the death of Trayvon Martin

magic johnson

Yesterday while watching The Situation Room on CNN there was a quick preview of an interview with Magic Johnson about the death of Trayvon Martin. Now being real I didn’t watch the interview this morning, I saw it online today. I really didn’t want to hear another celebrity say anything that doesn’t really say anything about what happened to Martin. It was Magic saying something about how he feels like it could have been his son and many of the players in the NBA feels the same. Really? Magic is a co owner of a MLB team, the LA Dodgers, why not say that about players in baseball? And does Pau Gosal, Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash or Kirk Hinrich have to worry about their sons, if they have any, walking around with a hoodie in a gated suburb area? Don’t speak on this if you’re not going to dive into the race factor.  He danced around saying it is racist from what happened to Martin to why he had someone stalking hm in the first place to now this not even going to trail. What makes this crazier to me is it’s Magic, not a NBA player playing now. Did I miss the comments by Kobe, LeBron, Dwayne (both Howard and Wade) or Chris Paul? I mean wearing hoodies isn’t saying anything in my opinion, people wear hoodies all the time, especially athletes. Having the NBA Players Association release a press statement is like any company or celebrity having their publisher release a statement on their behalf, it’s not the actual people speaking. If I’m wrong and a current player has said something tell me.

Obama and those left in the primaries spoke on it at least once, and that’s all I needed personally. The politicians spoke on something that was a now issue, not abortion which has been on the table for decades, same with health care and social security. I’m upset that the media isn’t just keeping this story in their conversation. It’s something that affects many people in America from the Stand Your Ground law to gun laws to the definition of self defense and race and class.  It isn’t like when MTV spoke to rappers during 9/11. Yeah Ja Rule said very insightful stuff (eyes rolling while I shake my head).

Back to the celebrities, it’s funny how the celebrities being interviewed and asked about what happened to Martin are safe people making sure they play it safe. You want to hear something real from Chuck D, hell ask any comedian because you will get a real unfiltered answer. Every celebrity covers their ass with comments about not knowing all the facts. If they’re not going to be honest about their comments they should pass on the question. If you’re an African American male downplaying the race factor you look stupid, you were asked the question because you’re an African American man. No one is going to ask Magic about his take on what’s going on with Israel  or  his views on Planned Parenthood. Attempting to speak on behalf of the other African American men in the NBA isn’t enough. Speaking about how wearing a hoodie and hats turned backwards shouldn’t be a reason to be killed isn’t enough. It’s about race if you’re not going address that, again don’t answer the question. I’d be cool with an African American figure, legend, icon not wanting to get his or her name thrown in the middle of something because they said a teen was shot and first had the police called on him because of his race. Yeah someone like a Magic Johnson doesn’t have to say it’s about race but to dance around it doesn’t make it better… Has saying I don’t want to speak about that stopped being cool?

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