Hip Hop for dummies

Short Bus Shorty

Easter Sunday from noon to about 4pm my girl and I watched music videos. Don’t know why really but we did for some reason. If you know me you know I hate radio and anything that makes it on MTV, BET and radio in general. I always doubt myself at times like maybe I’m expecting too much. I mean to have talent in music isn’t a must anymore. Good to great written songs… Another non mandatory in today’s music industry. But when I try to take this music for what it is I just come away feeling like I might be killing brain cells.

Fuck being PC at this time, not that I’m someone who has been known to be politically correct anyway. With that said I’m honestly convinced that the average rapper on the radio as well as the fans who really think this stupid shit “go hard” are retards. These rappers are retarded. I mean waiting at the bus stop at the other end of the corner from the regular students retarded. Getting on the short bus that seats maybe 12 students just to go to school and hangout in the classroom at the end of the hall doing whatever is it those students do type of retarded.

Am I wrong? I mean perfect example is 2 Chainz. Fuck the name is alone is so unoriginal. My new rap name is white shoes or maybe fitted hat. How about Ecko jacket. This fools name is an English question you’d get in the 2nd grade. He has 2 chainz. What’s the noun in this sentence? How many chainz does he have? Is the noun singular or plural?  Go pass the dumb ass name you get the fucking songs that all sound the same like “Spend It”, that sound like… Every other fucking song I heard that is a 2 Chainz song. The beats are so basic that I figure a five year old made it and if it took tranny perm, new name I gave him because I’m going by the hair style he rocked on the MTV Spring Break performance, longer than 30 minutes to come up with that basic shit he says, then yes he may be, no he is retarded.

Speaking of names how uninspiring are these names? French Montana ? Really? French Montana??? What the hell kind of shit is that? How about Indian Tennessee or maybe Spaniard Georgia? Are these people just looking at words on a piece of paper and throwing shit together or is this really well thought out shit where they were people in a room voting on the best sounding name? What could French Montana have beaten out? Mr. Can’t Rap For Shit? The name French Montana sounds like a flavor of ice cream or coffee. It’s not just him, there is Casey Veggies. Yeah some children show on PBS or Nick Kids just lost out on a cool name for a carrot because some non rapping rapper didn’t know the name of any of the Fruit Of The Loom people. There is someone is named Future who music sounds like present day bull shit. If Future is any indication of how backwoods porch monkey-ish brothers will be in the future I am truly pissed off right now. He can do a lot of things at the same damn time but speaking and making sense isn’t one of them. Tyga? He is the letter R behind the G away from being a fucking Thunder Cat. As bad as their stage names are their music is even worst. I have heard these artists music and really couldn’t tell who was who unless I see the by so and so, I’m waiting someone to grab that name up.

“Yo, you heard that new song by So & So?” “Who?”  ‘So & So.  You know dude with the tats all over and the long dreads he be wearing shades with a gold grill and shit”. “Oh, you mean the rapper named 3 Hoes and a Pinky Ring?” “No man not him So & So. He got that song “It’s Me Bitch U know It’s Me Bitch”. Oh, that’s his name? So & So?” “Yeah that “It’s Me Bitch U know It’s Me Bitch” shit go hard Dawg”

I’m sorry but loud ignorant and retarded music all sounds the same to me. Ignorance sells and when your an African American and ignorant than it really sells, so  as a non ignorant African American men we are told, no asked, not to knock these fools hustle. I’m sorry but when your hustle help reinforce fucked up stereotypes about my people first off and then my culture which is Hip Hop, I feel I have more than the right to knock a hustle. If anything be happy that’s all I knocked.

6 thoughts on “Hip Hop for dummies

  1. Thank god! I thought I was the only one. If you think marijuana kills brain cells listen to his song crack. Like wtf happened to music? Think about it if 2 chainz is the future of hip hop, Consider the game dead

    • I try to get the dude, well tried at one point to do it. I saw a interview with Denzel Washington and some chick and she started singing a hook from one of his songs and told Denzel the title of the birthday booty song and the look on Denzel face was “is this what Hip Hop is now”. It will get worst before it gets better because the game follows trends like twitter.

  2. God, after hearing “I’m Diff’rent”, all I could think is that Two Chainz is admitting that he’s retarded. So I googled “I’m different two chainz retarded”, and I found your blog. I was wondering if I’m the only fucking person who’s totally fucking dumbfounded by the idiocy of these shitty rappers. Props for supporting normal IQ’s in hip hop.

    • Yeah, I’m lost on how him and so many other rappers are really big dogs in the rap game right now. At one point I gave Drake the benefit of doubt but now even his bars are trash. I’m hoping the new rappers follow Kendrick and J. Cole and not Future or 2 Chainz.

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