Hip Hop Nation cancels Live From HeadQcourterz

Live HQZ

DJ Premier Blog posted that Live Fro HeadQcourterz is no more. I have to be real that show really was the main reason I even fucked with Sirius XM Satellite radio. I mean if there are no shows the Hip Hop channels sound like the fucking radio just unedited. I loved how DJ Premier kept it real on his show. He played shit real Hip Hop heads needed to hear and kept all the bullshit off of his show. It was cool to hear people from the south show love to DJ Premier. It was even cooler hearing how cool everyone that was down with Live From HeadQcourterz squad build with one another. Unlike other shows these guys really had past and you could tell as you listened to the show. There were times I’d be cool with just listening to Panchi, Keebler, Ron Mills and Gordon go at each one another. I guess the saying is right because all good things really do come to an end.

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