Why is the NRA worried about the election?

NRA logo
It seems that The NRA feels ANY GOP candidate would be better for their cause than President Obama. Really, I’m sorry but how many times pre Stand Your Ground law have guns even come up as an issue? This sounds like the Republicans and their supporters are looking to see if gun laws can become a topic. The problem is whether people want to acknowledge it or their so anti Obama that they have never paid any attention to President Obama, but he is a lot more conservative than people think.

I’m not revisiting the whole Obama Care and a few other ideas Obama is throwing around were once GOP ideas because that seems to never matter to people anyway. What I will say is besides the taxing of the 1% and Obama Care there seem to not be that big of a difference between Obama and the GOP. Obama comes off very pro military, and we still have troops in the Middle East and will continue to even if it will no longer be news. Obama has never really come out against outsourcing, he has just being saying, and rightfully so, put Americans to work. So why is the NRA making news for themselves when there hasn’t been any political issues involving guns? Do they feel this Stand Your Ground law focus on guns? It doesn’t it focuses on people, Trayvon Martin could have easily been stabbed or beaten by hand or a blunt object and the uproar would still be here. Stand Your Ground is about perception not guns. It just seems that most of the cases we’ve been fed all have to do with shootings. The NRA and Republican base will both be shocked to find that not only Obama but most Americans are no longer as anti gun as they used to be.


2 thoughts on “Why is the NRA worried about the election?

    • True but it hasn’t an issue at all during his term. Obama has stayed away from many thing since he has been in office, mainly because he has been focused on jobs and health care. He barely has spoken about the whole Planned Parenthood stuff. To be honest i don’t think Obama will touch gun laws too much if at all. Hell Romney talking about guns, hunting and gun laws is what brought this to the media, it never even came up as a major issue in the Primaries.

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