Embarrassing Americans: Teachers are human right?

school blackboard
While listening to Talk Of The Nation last week there was an episode about how teachers are getting suspended and or fired over their real lives that is viewed online. I don’t understand how this is still an issue for teachers in 2012. I kind of get the issue about the teacher in the swimsuit who was fired and then was trying to be a WWE Diva. The issue to me was never about the teacher as much as the parent who came across her pictures should have caught some backlash. That was almost a decade ago if not longer so to hear that teachers are still being put through hell over their personal life is troubling to me. There was a teacher in 2009

Who was forced to quit because she was in a picture holding a glass of wine at a bridal party.

I understand holding teachers to higher standard but to say you’re not allowed to enjoy yourself or take photo of you enjoying yourself is ridiculous. So if some parents chose to go to a sports bar or club and seen their child’s teacher at the bar having a drink during the first weekend of one the school breaks or summer, should that cost that teacher their job? I understand for now the talk is about online lives but when does that become more. You’re at Wal Mart or some place and see your child’s teacher getting condoms, will that become a reason to have that teacher have to worry about their job? Dating sites, Twitter where a teacher may tweets they can’t understand how all but four students got the first three questions wrong on a test or that they need help on how to get a lesson across because the kids aren’t picking a particular lesson up as fast as they have been with other lessons, or something on posted on youtube?

Teachers are now not allowed to be human or have lives and if they want o have a life they have to hide it? That is what Elizabeth Meyer, a guest for that episode, was saying, she was saying teachers should be tech savvy to express themselves and save their jobs.  So a teacher should be pulling a Clark Kent Peter Parker duel life online so they don’t have to worry about parents coming across things like a photo of them holding wine? A point that does make sense is that you are a representation of the school and to a larger sense community in which you work for. With that said still a person’s personal life is their personal life. The issue where the community in which you teach came up, meaning the more conservative area the more people may take issue to something like a picture of a glass of wine and there for make it a bigger issue than it really is. I figure if parents are willing to call teachers out why stop there? Let people check the home of these parents who are screaming the loudest. If you’re upset about what a teacher is posting on a blog, let people check your usermane and see what your comments you have made about anything from movies to political and social topics. Let people check those same parents homes for alcohol, guns, porn and sex toys and if found go at those parents. A teacher is with your child on an average of 180 days out of 365 days for about 8 to 10 hours a day for five days a week. So should the parents have their Facebook accounts looked at under a microscope as well? Teachers are human and yes they have to watch out for their actions and comments but to hide who you are from public, family and friends due to fear of nosey parents isn’t going to make your job safe. I see this will get worst before it gets better.


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