Where are the female republicans?

Female Republicans
There are a lot of really messed up comments directed towards females and even a few off the cuff comments to women in conversation by republicans. As much as the talking heads on news shows want to say the republicans need to spin this around and how this is some Democrat play in works the truth is the republicans are shooting themselves in both feet. When it was just abortion and contraception talk it was cool to dismiss what was happening as pure spin. That’s not the case anymore at all and what seems to even stranger is the fact that I haven’t really seen any female republicans popping out of no where to take a few for the team. Women are speaking out at Romney and other republicans and are being spoken to as if their opinions aren’t taken seriously.

Obama became president and Michael Steele seem to be allowed to come to the front of the house to show that when the GOP chose to go at Obama is wasn’t because of race. Am I missing female republicans coming forth to show there is some respect for women or it is all taking place on Fox News? It was easy to turn this into a sex issue because the republicans have been aiming at Planned Parenthood extra hard as of late while not even beginning to accept the fact that abortion is a small part of they provide. This would be time to have a female while still blasting abortion also look to show they the party knows how important Planned Parenthood is to women. Really they don’t even need a female, just someone who isn’t afraid to state that fact and won’t worry about The Tea Partiers being pissed. The GOP has been and continues to comes off as being content with the stereotype of the party being filled with old white men. I’ve seen young Hispanic and African American females agree with much of the republican base is saying on Twitter and Facebook, but then there are times where even they have asked what year is this on a Facebook or twitter update. It’s one thing to focus or not focus on a race i.e. African Americans and Hispanics but to alienate a sex includes multi races and generations. You would think someone would have figured out how to stay true the mission and not help drag this battle of the sexes thing out any longer.

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