Embarrassing Americans: Can we get Pop news about people worth the coverage?

Britney anad kim

So it is official Britney Spears will be a judge for X Factor second season. Why the fuck this is news beats the hell out of me because I’m not sure why Britney Spears is still worthy of any news coverage at all. I will say she may be the mother of this lack luster talent turned superstar thing that has plagued the music industry since she got in the game in the late 90’s. At this point in her life she is as note worthy as Paula Abdul whole life has been since she stopped being a recording artist. Britney Spears gets the second chances someone with real talent gets but all she has is the name of a one time headliner. I’m sorry but I could give two fucks about Britney Spears.

Which brings me to the Kardashians, any of them, pick one they’re all doing the same shit, nothing. These motherfuckers are on almost every tabloid and magazine cover every fucking month. I have to remind mind myself that they aren’t recording artists, writers, actors, comedians or directors. They’re a family who hit it big because one of them is a whore. I mean how many other whores are getting this much publicity for not just themselves but their family? Not many and if they do they have some talent or at least were on the radio or in a movie or television show. These fuckers just like black dudes… That’s it really, nothing much more to add to their resume. Young females actresses and recording artist get shine for a minute when something they’re a part of is about to be released and then they fade away again. It is like when you look up one day and someone who you thought had died is just now in some life threatening health crisis and you wondered where they’ve been all this time? They’ve been home living their life, with no movie, show or music making the rounds pop culture could give a fuck. Unless you’re fucking around or your addiction has a strong hold on you you’re not worthy of being spoken about. That’s pop news to us now. Hell it has gotten so bad that the people who are the faces of certain shows that focus on pop culture are stars in their own right. One night I came across a True E! Hollywood story about Giuliana Rancic. Has anyone from 60 Minutes, not the show but the journalist, had their own E! True Hollywood Story told? We’ve now made the hosts of these kind of shows just as important as the people they report on.

Pop culture has way too many non talented stars making the rounds nowadays. When Elizabeth Taylor was always in the news she was worthy of it, she could fucking act. Today we have some people trying their hands at so many different things at once but can’t really just one of those things well. I hope Britney Spears can judge talent even though she has none, that could be her thing, being a judge. Of course that’s not the case this is a vehicle to get her back in the studio like American Idol is for Jennifer Lopez who has no business making music AT ALL. Jay – Z said it best “Fame is the worst drug known to man”. Which to be honest if that fame is earned by all means milk it for all its worth, but again there are so many people famous for just breathing. So should we all be famous then, what makes the chick fucking any dude down the street different than Kim Kardashian? She did have a sextape go viral? 


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