Usual Suspects

behind bars

With the lack of police work that Sanford police had given to the Trayvon Martin case as well as the fact the young man was racially profiled, this has brought the racial profiling back to the forefront. Racial profiling like the discussion about race comes up every few years. Racial profiling sad to say will not go anywhere for so many reasons starting with history. African Americans have centuries negative images to fight against first off. Then there is that fact those negative views have yet to be changed in 2012.

There are supposedly classes that will be given to Police across the country to help curb racial profiling. Really, we need classes given to officers so they don’t jump to the conclusion that men of color, Blacks and Hispanics, are doing something illegal or could be doing something because of what they’re driven or where they are? The thought that there needs to be classes indicate that there is more than some psychological cop thing and a serious lack of respect for non white males. Isn’t that what it all boils down to anyway, lack of respect. Black men driving certain vehicles or roaming in certain areas, mostly white areas do get stopped more than a Black male in a cheap ride in the hood. That says the expectations of Black men being successful enough to be able to afford pricey cars and live in better communities aren’t had. There has to be something wrong about seeing a Black male in certain areas even if they live there. Police officers need classes to treat people of all races the same?

Now playing devils advocate, we as African American do help set ourselves up. No I won’t say because of hoodies and hats or even loud music, but our vibe. Within the last decade or so being a thug has been the theme for Black males. I see on college campuses and even suburban African American seem to embrace the look if not the lifestyle. Does that make a difference? Yes it does. When you see long hair or balding white guys tatted up with leather vest and jackets one automatically thinks the worst even if they too are just looking the part. The difference is many African American males love the fact their appearance brings fear to people and some even use it to their advantage. So when they get stopped and harassed by the police should we as Black men scream foul?

In some ways it is a two way street when it comes to racial profiling, yes I am saying we as Black men play a part in this profiling thing. Yes police are quicker to stop men of color in certain areas driving certain cars, and yes we as people of color will be followed and harassed when shopping in certain stores, that’s just the really down side of being people of color. Does that make any of what we go through right? Not at all but do people need to go to racial sensitivity classes for their lack of respect? Nope, they should be disciplined once if and when reported and found guilty of the accusation when investigated by an outside source. If happens again termination. People are racist, not the law or rules, and those laws and rules that come off racist were written by racist people. To change the way things are we should look at changing the officers because the classes won’t change their view. If they couldn’t be color blind once their earned their badges what makes you think the classes will change them?

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