My contribution to the culture

real Hip Hop is not on the radio

I’m a Hip Hop dude, I mean a real Hip Hop dude. I engage in it all with the exception of Break Dancing, I’m just not in that kind of shape nowadays. As a Hip Hop love I hate the music and videos and most of the sites I go to for information on Hip Hop. Mostly because most sites deal with the who’s hot now and most of them became hot because they paid blogs and sites for exposure. So I figured I need to go out and do something myself, which is what I will do. I will be starting a Hip Hop podcast with a mix and a little talking as well as post post more videos of dope and legendary artists in the world of Hip Hop. Not just MCs, I don’t deal with rappers, there will be mixtapes, DJ and Producer interviews, Breaking and hopeful graffiti artists videos. I can’t complain about of all the garbage music out there because I for one has always hunted down good to great music. I know there are people who feel the same way I do about music in general and Hip Hop is truly a victim of bad music syndrome for over a decade, fuck pushing two decades now.

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