Is the death of Bin Laden now off limits?

obama of bin laden death

Mitt Romney and the Republicans have complained about Obama using the death of Bin Laden to his advantage. I agree that Obama shouldn’t use the death of Bin Laden, but being fair the last two Presidents were unsuccessful in getting Bin Laden. Bush jr. used Bin Laden and the fear of another attack to his advantage when he ran for re-election and the complaints weren’t that loud that I can remember. Of course that was back when to even say anything against not just Bush but anything anti war was considered unpatriotic. Fast forward and less than 24 hours of the death of Bin Laden Obama was being criticized. On one hand the President was painted as being soft, he has shaken that label off somewhat with the death of Bin Laden so the Republicans don’t want him using that against them. There were those ads asking would then Presidential hopeful Obama not being the man to do much, now it isn’t right for him to bring up the fact he got Bin Laden? Would it had been wrong for Bush to have brought it up had he been in office when we got Bin Laden? I’m sure it wouldn’t have been mainly because 9/11 was still fresh in our minds back then. Obama shouldn’t bring it up because it is something all Americans were pleased to hear. This shouldn’t be something up for debate, it should be viewed as an accomplishment and rightfully so, but that’s about it a nice piece of history not a platform for re-election.

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