Unimportant Hip Hop & The LA Riots

hip hop and the hip hop riots

Last night more so by accident I ended up watching the VH1 semi documentary Uprising Hip Hop & The LA Riots. Fist off before I even get into this but how is it that BET can’t come up with these types of programs? Whether its this or those Hip Hop shows on MTV2, BET should have these programs. For some reason Bet just refuses to do real shit that is progressive. Ok I’m not going to get into my fuck BET rant at all at this time.

To be honest I was expecting this whole examination of what happened twenty years ago with the LA riots would have been at least a three night event. It felt like they crammed all the information they had into an hour and half long viewing. Things went from Rodney King to the riots to Korean and African American beef to how The Chronic album and Snoop helped make Hip Hop mainstream. It was not a good look at what happened twenty years ago at all. I feel they could have gotten rappers from that time frame to speak to and really talk to them, because looking at old clips wasn’t cool at all.  It really was a waste of time to me, I really did want to like it but just couldn’t. Not sure why it came off not as deep as it should have, but maybe there is an online version that’s more complete. HBO should have done this not VH1 and maybe again I’m just looking for too much when it comes to some things.


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