One article one award one name… Beyonce

beyonce smiling

It’s been reported with such quickness as if it is very important that Beyonce has won a journalist award. One reason it is news is because it is Beyonce, it’s not because of the article at all. There aren’t many people who know what the article is about or have even read Essence Magazine. It would be easy to hate Beyonce and if you’re an actual journalist you really have a reason to hate her. But think about this, Beyonce isn’t the villain in this story, all parties that had a hand in giving her the award are. Unless you’re a member of the New York Association of Black Journalist or you’re someone into world of journalism you have no idea who this group is. This was a publicity stunt gone wrong. You now have to question the credibility of the New York Association of Black Journalist and Essence Magazine. Right now it seems any celebrity who writes about anything in any magazine has a chance of winning an award. I’m sure people will come to the defense of Beyonce by bringing up many other less qualified people who have gotten awards because of their celebrity status. Those people would have that right to and would be right. The answer isn’t finger pointing to other people who’ve gotten by like this, the point is to not allow this to continue to happen. There seems to be just as much positive love over this story as there is hatred about it. Again this is less about Beyonce and more about the New York Association of Black Journalist and the dumb moved they pulled. Who did she beat out, Nick Minaj, Lil Kim or Rihanna? Did a Kardashian lose out because that would really send up red flags? The only people who should be pissed about this are the actual journalists she beat out to get the award.

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