Black Pastors need to stop playing the game

black pastor
One thing I personally try to do is not post about stories in the news that have been written about by those who have blogs that I enjoy reading. I feel if I want to address my opinion I should do it in the comment box or like it if I agree with what I read. So this whole Black Pastors calling out Obama wasn’t something I felt needed my attention. The thing is it feels like any Black pastor willing to speak on a show is getting time to help divide African Americans.

Look this isn’t new at all, the church being put in a situation where it seems to be going against other African Americans, mostly younger African Americans. We seen it in the 90’s when gangsta rap was really in full bloom, which oddly enough pass that whole “N” word debate a few years back the Black church has been silent when it comes to Hip Hop music. The Black church was the acceptable voice during the civil rights era too. Back then you had African American who wanted to be treated as equals, as humans in America but had different ideas about going about trying to get that respect. With that you had Malcolm X calling out African American pastors as well as the black church and many African Americans found themselves picking sides.

Fast forward and this week we see this kind of game coming up again. Every Black pastor I’ve seen on television or heard are all asked about how they will cast their votes and how they feel those in their churches would vote. And just that fast that has become the new black divide. While the news media is looking to have a story and have a worthy soundbyte, the GOP and many other anti Obama establishments are looking at a chance to weaken the Black vote. Is wanting to have the chance to say your peace on the whole pro gay marriage topic really worth coming off that a whole race is divided on this non issue? I feel they, Black pastors, should say what they feel and then conclude with something about how this shouldn’t be the issue we should focus on. They don’t which is again what makes news, because if they did side track this whole gay marriage the person interviewing them would  become annoyed and the interview would be cut short. You know I’m right. All these interviews show is that the game continues, keep African Americans at odds in some manner. Even if that isn’t the case it’s the perception and that perception is what counts in the world of media.


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