How a good year can change a release date

tatum g i joe

It should be old news that G.I. Joe Retaliation will now be released next year. When the news first broke it was all about the inclusion of 3D to the film. The crazy thing is some people, myself included had already thought the holdup was because of Channing Tatum. Yeah the one time bad actor, even I placed in him in a list of actors who shouldn’t be working anymore has found his footing. This year seems to be a good year for the actor and word was the new G. I. Joe movie killed off all the Joes except for Snake Eyes. Now there is word that the crew and some cast members are being called back to include Tatum in the film more than he was originally intended to be.

The major question is will movie goers be as pissed as movie geeks are about this. Pass geeks I’ve heard no one really say anything about this who delay. It happens a lot under the radar and posters come down, trailers stop being showed and no one pays any real attention to the vanishing act. A bigger question is will this gamble pay off? I mean I’ve seen 21 Jump Street and will admit Tatum was good in the film but that’s the only film I personally think Tatum was cool in to me. That being said the movie I liked him in was a comedy and he came off well as a goofy big guy.  So will Tatum be good in this second G.I. Joe movie?


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