And there were two

2012 playoff tree

This year the NBA Finals was somewhat hard pick from the start of the season to the playoffs. From the start things looked interesting once Derrick Rose re-injured himself in the first playoff game against the 76ers. We saw the San Antonio Spurs run through teams until the hit the Finals bound Thunder. Speaking of the Thunder they beat the Mavs, Lakers and Spurs to reach The Finals. The Miami Heat made it to The Finals, barely this year. The Celtics were supposed to lose to The Hawks and Miami should have handled the Pacers quicker than they did.

Each round this year was something no one really expected for the most part. I don’t think anyone saw The Mavs being swept and The Lakers getting handled as easily as they were. The Celtics weren’t supposed to make as far as they did and to be far if the younger players on The Celtics played half as well as Rondo it would be the Celtics against The Thunder not The Heat. What has been fascinating to hear and watch is the day by day post commentary the day after each game in the playoffs this year. The Spurs were unstoppable in many circles, The Celtics were washed up and The Thunder just needed a real challenge as if The Lakers weren’t good enough.  For a brief, very brief, moment there were talks of  Los Angeles having the Western Conference on lock. That would have made for a messy but money generating week or so in LA with The Kings, NHL champions by the way, at that time making it that far in the Hockey playoffs.  Trade talks and firing f coaches while a series was still going on was a given this year. Maybe I really never listened to all the talk or the fact that so many factors play into having a championship team that as soon as things start to look bad the worst case scenario comes up as common conversation first?  I’ve heard the disbanding of The Lakers, Heat and Celtics. I’ve heard about so many coaches jobs hanging in the balance of just one bad game.

To be honest I’m kinda glad we are have hit The Finals, all the talking heads will move on the other sports in a week or so. Of course this is if The Heat win, if not the summer will be filled with who will stay and who will leave Miami during the off season. The Finals this year is a whole other story if The Heat don’t win the championship and if they get swept, yeah something will have to change in the NBA.

2 thoughts on “And there were two

  1. I agree this year the playoffs have gone way different then what I thought. BTW… I’m a celtic fan… I would like to see OKC win this, why because I don’t care for the heat… minus the fact that they beat my team. OKC wants it more than the heat, I think the heat feels they deserve it or it will be as easy as taking candy from a baby..but the Thunder showed them it won’t be as easy.

  2. No doubt Sunny, I think The Thunder can do it. On the Real if just one other person had stepped up in Game two of the Celtics Heat series things would be mad different

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