What are you doing Jeb?


So Jeb Bush spoke about how he feels today GOP wouldn’t back his father George H. Bush or Ronald Reagan if they were to run for President today.  Somehow that caused a major uproar and conservatives are now attacking Jeb Bush.  Why would such an honest comment that is true be the reason for such a hate fest? Could it be that the GOP is so concerned with being so far right and somehow claiming to do so in the name of Ronald Reagan that those comments by Jeb makes people reflect on the past? If you search back you will find Reagan isn’t as conservative as the GOP wants to paint him out to be. One reason is because to get things done in Washington it takes both parties so compromise is necessary.

The thing is this major extreme to be so far right has little to do with politics and more to do with Obama. As this story broke you heard the Republican spokesmen on the news networks finding themselves trying to say the reason things seem so divided is because of Obama. That then allowed the other side to address those comments with the fact, remember the FACT that Obama was using Republican ideas that were totally shut down by GOP. So yes Jeb is wrong in that manner because what is happening and has been happening the since Obama has taken office is a protest against a Black President. Both parties expected Obama to roll over for some reason and he didn’t.  That is why we are where we are politically. All those who found themselves upset because of Jeb Bush said can’t really say we are where we are because of race, that isn’t politically correct at all no matter how true it is. Even when Republicans are faced with the again Fact that Obama has been attempting to use the same bills that the GOP came up with and supported they search for a spin to claim Obama never tried to work with them. I mean how much compromise are the GOP looking for?

Taking what Jeb said at face value he is correct.  At this rate nothing will get done for the country for years not because of the Democrats vs. Republicans but because of The Tea Party Movement vs. all other politicians. The newest fear is the Tea Party Movement, even the GOP is scared of what The Tea Party will do next. Most of the people really not agreeing with Jeb are those with agree with The Tea Party, so should their opinions even count?  Yes. The thing is things will get harder the more the influence of The Tea Party takes hold on Washington, a point no one really wants to focus on at this time for some reason.


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