Thursday Review: Canibus vs. Dizaster

Canibus vs. Dizaster
I really am going into something a bit different this week.  So I finally saw the Ustream battle between Canibus and Dizaster and to be fair it was sad. I feel bad for those who paid to see this since it is now on Youtube… For FREE.

Look the shelf life of a battle MC or rapper is short, point blank. If you can’t make songs, not necessarily radio songs, just good songs, your career is over as fast as it started.  KRS One said it best when he spoke on how people thought his career wouldn’t have outlasted damn near everyone he had a beef with.

“Some said all they wanna do is battle They can’t write a song, so their careers won’t last long”

–          KRS One

You know what, excluding KRS, Biggie, Eminem, Kool Moe Dee and LL Cool J that theory holds up. All those Freestyle Friday winners that got deals are back on the battle circuit to stay relevant. Those who won those Blaze battles back in the day are gone.  The only well known battle MC left is Canibus and to be fair his albums suck.

So first off the battle was better before either MC spoke. The vibe was more like some boxing match than a battle, I was looking for Jim Gray or Larry Merchant to be seen somewhere. Canibus spits first and has the crowd in his hand but plays himself with a cool move that would work if he was doing a show. He did prove a point that he has fans who know his rhymes.  Dizaster has some moments that are ok, the way he sets it off mocking Canibus worked in his favor and got the crowd behind him. The real advantage Dizaster had over was Canibus was not a whole of people really knew of him. Hell being honest I never heard of the dude until now, but Canibus is another story. It was easy to sling mud on an already tarnished career of Canibus, and damn if Dizaster didn’t throw dirt on Canibus. Both men named dropped liked they were recording a song by Game.

Lyric wise Canibus is Canibus and he started out strong. The fact that both men paused as to let what was being said soak in the audiences ears, more Canibus than Dizaster, took away from the momentum and rhyme pattern. Dizaster did have that old Eminem wannabe vibe that most battle rappers had picked up in the early 2000’s, even down the arm movements, little hop and hand wave to show just how hot this punchline truly is thing that battle rappers do these days. With that said I wasn’t impressed with either man. Canibus came off like he was searching for his 96’- 98’ hunger and style while Dizaster again as Canibus pointed out came off like an Em wannabe.

The bugged part of the battle is when Canibus conceded and was like Dizaster had bars.  From there things got really strange as Canibus pulls out a note pad and tells the crowd he doesn’t freestyle. Truth is Dizaster didn’t freestyle a whole lot himself, I mean a few lines here and there were freestyles but while Canibus went slow so the bars could sink in Dizaster did his thing, had the crowd go crazy, would pause and start from some point and carry on.  So who knows how long Dizaster had been getting his bars tighten while Canibus admitted he worked on his bars for three weeks.  The crowd wasn’t too impressed with how things ended and I have no idea how those who saw this on Ustream felt about this battle.

Was it a good battle? Not really, it had elements of some on the block go for yours vibe to it but the pausing and the restarting just don’t cut it. I mean unless that’s how battles pop off nowadays I guess it is cool but I remember you had to have your shit ready to go if you really weren’t freestyling.  I could do without hearing either man for awhile or even seeing battles. Not the best and far from the worst battle I’ve seen in person or on a screen.


One thought on “Thursday Review: Canibus vs. Dizaster

  1. Yo canibus will always have the ground from his arrival in the game lyrical content that made niggas rewinding forever! He took an L, he’s only human guys he’s not a walking robot regardless of what he said about being IBM murda mook messed up twice against jae millz on smack. I truthfully believd that if they rematched..canibus would remain supreme! I remember listening to his album the curiculum complmetely lost but astonished at da same time. I learned from canibus. To this day there’s not many if any metaphors fucking with his old shit. Not lil wayne saying dumb ish like “real g’s move in silence like lasagna!”. As compared to “when I recite mines my rhymes just float like a pithon, nobody in theey right or they left mind could test mine!-canibus!

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