Rodney King died and..

rodney king
“Rodney King was like Rosa Parks in many ways,”

–          Michael Eric Dyson

I’m sorry if I come off a bit unmoved by the death of Rodney King. I saw the tweets and Facebook status saying R.I.P Rodney King and couldn’t get why.  Many older African American leaders and activists spoke about King in a positive way. I wonder are they confusing Rodney King with Martin Luther King Jr? It would be one thing if Rodney King took up the fight and when  police brutality took place he was standing there with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but he wasn’t. King was someone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and had his beating captured on camera and the footage made headlines all over the country. That is it, he still was doing drugs and had been pulled over a few more times.  I’m not saying King doesn’t deserve what love he has gotten, I’m saying he didn’t do much with the 15 minutes of fame he was given other than utter the famous quote that even he says he just said it to say something. Yes may the soul of Rodney King rest in peace but that is as far as I will go. I don’t want to see anniversaries years later of the man

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