Wall Street holding out on Obama

wall street bull

It has been reported that those wealthy men and women of Wall Street didn’t take too kindly of how Obama was putting them on blast and coming up with more regulations. With that said this election year it seems that Wall Street will be riding with the GOP. What does that mean really?

It means a campaign ad addressing that very fact. Look we know Obama being pushing that Wall Street vs. Main Street talk during his run for President. We also know he bailed out banks that “too big to fail”. The thing is those on Wall Street are still getting paid while there are so many unemployed Americans out here. As Americans we are against Wall Street and if Wall Street chooses to ride with Romney than there is a problem somewhere. Romney can’t tie Obama to Wall Street and to fair he really hasn’t and doesn’t want to. But he with that option off the table Romney also sets himself up to have to explain where he stands with the American people, more so the quickly vanishing middle class.  You have to remember it was that same out of touch attitude that costs John McCain the election and let the Republicans tell it that same out of touch approach costs the Democrats the House.

We are Americans though and we seem to be content with minimum information and bias news. So this story could easily be turned into something totally different to make it look as if Wall Street could have helped middle class Americans but Obama wouldn’t let them. Trust me I see coming just like anyone else can if they chose to open their eyes.  The only Obama really lost were deep pockets, at this point in American history Wall Street isn’t viewed as a good thing.

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