ESPN, I mean LeBron James has finally won a championship

espn lgoking james

First off congratulation to The Miami Heat team for winning their second title. Yeah that has gone under the radar that the Heat won once with Wade and Shaq a few years ago. Me personally I’m not a LeBron James fan.  I didn’t like David Robinson either and I hate Kobe. It’s life you can’t like every winner, it’s what made Dale Earnheard who he was, which wasn’t a bad thing. So instead of choosing to celebrate one man I choose to salute the whole team.

Now that that’s out the way, how about ESPN getting their first title? Yes this is all about ESPN just as much as it is about LeBron James. Already there is this promo where they (ESPN) follows LeBron as he has been through his ups and downs as a Miami Heat player. Here is a fact not an opinon, a FACT. ESPN has been showing NBA games since the 02’- 03’ season.  That was also the year ESPN took special interest in a young man in some high school outside of Cleveland. The whole Lebron hype snowballed into certified phenomenon thanks to ESPN. Pre game and halftime there were talks about LeBron and how he would fair against the big name stars in the NBA. Have they done that with anyone else? Nope. The network was even showing highlights of LeBron high school games. I’m not sure if I remember seeing Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant high school game highlights on SportsCenter in the 90’s at all. ESPN invested in this young man, gave him a nickname and all that.

What followed was more ESPN trying to help make LeBron a legend before his time. You saw it when the hype was LeBron and Carmelo Anthony being dubbed the new Magic and Bird for the NBA which really meant for ESPN. It has been clear ESPN has wanted their own stamp on the sports world and the NBA and LeBron has been it. During the Magic Bird and Dr. J days of the 80’s it was CBS Sports that benefited, NBA on NBC couldn’t have asked for more with The Bulls winning 6 championships and in the absence of Jordan The Knicks/Pacers rivalry kept things afloat  TNT has the Dunk Contest and now the whole All Star weekend.  As much as ESPN tries to make Monday Night Football its own it will always be remembered as an ABC thing. Yes LeBron was and is an ESPN product. The lucky thing is he ended up being just that good. LeBron could have easily been a Sam Bowie.  I mean only ESPN gave a fuck about what LeBron would do when his contract was up, so much so they locked down television for an hour for a 20 second comment about going to Miami. ESPN was the most hyped that whole day, every show that wasn’t a baseball or NFL show was all about LeBron. He is their star. ESPN has not really put too much effort in any other player in The NBA.  Truth be told more this year than any other you haven’t heard any negative comments about LeBron from any of the many shows ESPN has. I mean Russell Westbrook has been called out so has the whole entire Boston Celtic team as wells as Kobe a few times when their teams were losing. This year if The Heat were down it was about how Wade fades away to let LeBron take over or the fact Bosh wasn’t in the game. If they did speak negative about LeBron it was painted as some people say “blah blah blah” and just as fast as they say that in comes the defense against those nay sayers.

The major question is will LeBron get multiple titles like Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan and Isaiah Thomas or just grab one like Dr. J? I mean Dr. J is still considered a great even with just one title. Hell Barkley and Ewing as well as Reggie Miller and Steve Nash are great players without a ring. Could ESPN have been cool with LeBron career being like Ewing? I don’t think so. I’m glad the poster child for ESPN has gotten a ring. I’ve already heard an ESPN show where they said they’ve been following this man for ten years, admitting how ESPN 3 was showing high school games. Well your investment paid off, congratulations.


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