Will we look the other way on outsourcing too?

bain capital

“For me it’s all about good jobs for the American people and a bright and prosperous future”

–          Mitt Romney

In an election year that is truly all about jobs and the economy the fact that now it’s has been reported that Bain Capital had a hand in the outsourcing of jobs has come at a wrong time. The messed up thing is if this had made the rounds during the primaries there would be no way Romney could have lasted in those debates.  Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry would have gone at him hard since they were appealing to The Tea Party crowd. At this point going against Obama this news can easily be pushed on the back burner because it is the past. Yeah it will be looked at as more bringing up the past.

So if jobs are the main issue on the table what does this mean for Romney?  I hate to say it, it means nothing to a point.  This Bain thing is behind us and people have a bad feeling about Obama. I feel the fact some people feel cheated or betrayed by Obama because the message of “Hope” and “Change” fell flat when faced with the reality of our world. Is that the fault of Obama, no not at all but he is to blame. The feeling towards Obama is what is going to make this story last or just die out be the end of the month.

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