Tyson may have a point


Yesterday Mike Tyson was promoting his one man Broadway play on Pardon The Interruption and ended up talking about other things as usual. The great and strange thing about Tyson is some people don’t know what to make of his choice of topics and words and others such as myself enjoy it.  Pass the not on topic stuff he did hit a bright spot on the Sport that man him famous.  Tyson summed up my feelings about Boxing when he said fighters need to fight and cut the foolishness out. That has been one reason the sport has lost a great deal of its fan base to ultimate fighting.

Of course the dodging boxing tactic isn’t new at all, Tyson himself had people Don King didn’t want him fighting. That is the thing though, is it the fighters or the promoters dodging fighters. The talk about money and what cable channel gets top billing comes up as if that makes sense at all. If a champion wants to prove he truly is the best he takes on those who have earned that spot. It is one reason love him or hate him back when Roy Jones Jr. was willing to take on heavyweights he was willing to go toe to toe with all the big names, Tyson included. That just doesn’t happen anymore at all. Sometimes that makes the buildup great and the fight classic other times one fighter is out of his prime due to age or just  battle fatigue.  I think that is why that Boxing game by EA was so popular at one point it was the best fighters in their prime condition against one another. Yeah it was a game but still the question remains could Holmes have beat an Ali in his prime? Ali dodged a few fighters here and there but did go up against some guys who put it on him. I saw the documentary Facing Ali and Joe Frasier spoke about how signing the contract to fight George Foreman was a mistake. The thing is he did it, which is what a champion should do.  If pride wasn’t a major factor back then we wouldn’t have had those Ali vs. Frasier fights.  As much as people love to toss aside what Tyson says as just rambles that barley make sense you got admit he was on point this time. Boxing may never be the same again and we can’t blame it on the lack of talent just the lack of heart.

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