Conceding shouldn’t have been an option

Jeneba Tarmoh Allyson Felix


“I understand that with this decision I am no longer running the 100m dash in the Olympic Games and will be an alternate for the event.”

–        Jeneba Tarmoh

So the much anticipated, not really that anticipated, race will not be happening because Jeneba Tarmoh chose to concede to Allyson Felix. The world of Track & Field is  kinda not cool with such an outcome because this has been the most hype about the sport in awhile. Yes, a once in a lifetime moment for most people who even make it to the Olympics was very close to being pimped out all for the spotlight to be placed on a certain sport. If anyone should find themselves a bit apologetic about this race not happening it should be those who wanted to see it happen not the two women involved in the news created circus act. The people of the USATF should be upset because there were no real official options for such an incident like two or more people tied for third place. Hell, how about a three way for second, what then?  I’m shock more former runners are coming off upset about the decision to step aside that was made by Tarmoh. If you’re going to be upset be upset because who knows what will happen in her life between now and the next Olympics and knowing this could have been her chance to do something special.

Before someone reading this starts to think that is what this race today would have done you’re wrong. The race today wouldn’t have done much at all if you ask me. They raced when it mattered and tied for the third spot, that race mattered, this supposed rematch to see who gets that third place was an attempt for attention. There should have been something more than a coin toss or one of them having to swallow their pride or even run again to figure out who got that spot and who didn’t.  Lets say they did run, and one of them not only won the race but tied a record, would that then shoot them to first place? Pass this story of the tied for third place thing, I didn’t hear about the first place woman doing anything overwhelming. So yeah one of them ties a record does that boost them in to first place?  Look at the other end of that spectrum, what if one the women ended up injuring herself in this face off? A career could be ruined and that wouldn’t be good for the sport either. Many people were saying this morning how it wouldn’t be right for the women not to race today, I was on the other side saying it is totally alright if they didn’t. The USATF should have had something in place for a situation like this and they didn’t so the fault is on them not the women. I hope that the next Olympics sees Jeneba Tarmoh taking home a medal, preferably gold.


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