Embarrassing Americans: The Media not asking the Republicans the right questions

obamacare logo

Since the Supreme Court voted in favor of Obamacare the GOP has been making the rounds claiming they want to repeal and replace Obamacare with something else. That’s cool, I get that, the fact should be the logical answer as a response to this situation. Where I seem to be lost at when it comes to these interviews where Republicans are saying they want to repeal and replace the Obamacare is the part when they say” replace”. Replace it? Replace it with what? The bigger question is as so many Republicans have said just over the past weekend that there were talks to make changes to the healthcare system long before Obamacare why has nothing ever been mentioned? I don’t remember healthcare being on the Bush administration agenda the two terms he was President. The one idea the GOP had to counter then First Lady Hillary Clinton is the idea behind Obamacare.

So as Republicans say they have ideas and have had those ideas for awhile for a healthcare bill not one person on a news show I’ve watched has asked the right question. That question is why hasn’t the Republicans been out there working on this like the Democrats have been? That’s it really. There shouldn’t be questions of how does your proposed bill differ from Obamacare. Nope there should be a follow up question starting with the statement how long have the republicans been working on a healthcare bill? Here is another question, why not add your ideas to Obamacare and as time goes on take things out that aren’t working and change around something that work but could be improved? No one is asking why are the Republicans willing to repeal and replace it and not just add to it? Politicians add shit to bills all the time, hell Rand Paul added some pro life B.S. to a Flood Insurance bill right? Those are two totally different topics. If he could do that then I’m sure there could be things added to Obamacare.

At some point the media has to call a spade a spade and tell the Republicans to calm down.  Rand Paul calling for a revolt, Palin calling Obama a liar because it looks like Obamacare will be a tax, all these over the top antics are needless. Not one person in the media is stepping up to shut these people up. Lives were lost as our country was split in two to free slaves. That means one whole half of our country was against the idea outright.  It wasn’t a popular idea at all back then.   Neither was allowing Blacks to vote, integration, women’s rights, social security and Roe vs. Wade. The fact the GOP wants to destroy Obama then make up a new healthcare bill sounds dumb and someone should tell them that. Truman wanted a form of universal healthcare in his Fair Deal in 1949, didn’t get it because it was unpopular then.  Franklin Roosevelt wanted some form of it during The Great Depression because he knew and understood people had no money to afford health care, the American Medical Association stopped that.  Yes this is the closest we as a country have come to having some form of universal healthcare make it this far. The republicans are saying repeal and we will get back to it at a later date, much later date. Look if a Republican wants to say repeal and replace let them, then hold them accountable to those words. Every few months ask them how that bill for a different healthcare plan coming along. Hell, I’m for it but until the GOP comes with a better improved healthcare plan we should stick with what we have. That way if the GOP are full of shit there still is something out there. So yeah, less repeal and more replace, or trade certain things out for a better idea with the current bill we have now.

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