Is Roberts playing for the other team?


Conservatives feel they’ve been back stabbed by Chief Justice Roberts last week due to his vote to uphold “Obamacare”.  There lies the problem with politics and America. We’re so divided that when someone you truly counted on to be the a vote against the health care bill goes the other way there has to be “betrayal” somewhere. The right feel he let them down. He let a group of people down who vote a certain way . America is bigger than left and right, Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives and that came into play.  Of course that doesn’t matter to those who see themselves as conservatives because somehow they’ve made it where their opinion counts. Because their anti gay, pro life and pro guns all Americans should fall in line. It’s the main question those voters ask about. I never saw a democrat or independent voter bring up pro life or pro gun question.   The Tae Party movement made people think these issues were real once the rallies and protests took place.

So over the weekend many talking heads tried to downplay the “betrayal” talk and focus on the obvious how that ruling has helped fuel the right. Now it is being presented to us as the American people that Chief Justice Roberts just did that to ignite the Republican base. Let’s say that is the case, the person who should be upset about this the most is Mitt Romney. If this new perspective that seem to really be in full swing Sunday during all the news shows is true than that means Romney couldn’t energize his base alone. I personally don’t think this was some ploy to get those on the right to truly come together. What it looked like to me was a case of coming to the middle and seeing what good the Obamacare could do for so many Americans while still not agreeing with the language. That alone is really what people had a


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