Chris Brown disses Drake but wants to cover his ass at the same time

drake and chris brown

So there is a remix to “I Don’t Like”. In his , Chris Brown, verse he not only shit on Drake but then turns around and shows love to his homies.  As a Hip Hop fan and even just as man who understands not necessarily beef just a bit of not getting along with a certain person means you have to be ready that the person you have an issue with friends may not get down with you. If I’m not correct that is why Game was kicked out G Unit, because he was cool with the dudes 50 Cent had beef with. You you’re gonna go at someone who is in a crew and don’t want to deal with the other people in the crew just keep it one on one. You don’t shit on a dude or chick and then kiss the ass of the other members of the crew. Even crazier is you add people on your song that you’re using as a vehicle to shit on a person which gives the perception they riding with you.

Look this isn’t a beef it’s a well-publicized love triangle and to hear a singer who isn’t that good now attempt a not that good RAP at a dude who both raps and sings and isn’t completely competent at either makes this beef look like when you watch little kids fight, you know what’s going on but it’s sad as fuck to witness and you just want to end it because it’s no longer funny and is now disappointing.  Is this what Hip Hop is now, we watching singers use rappin as a way to address personal issues?  I give these dudes a year and they will be kicking it again because for one they’re two of the eight mainstays on “urban radio” and the powers that be aren’t going to allow anyone mess up this hold they have on “urban radio” not even these clowns.

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