Everybody doesn’t get Chris

Chris Rock

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

–         Chris Rock

Somehow a joke based off of historical facts was taken as unpatriotic and racist. I’m shocked people were really helping make this news for some reason, I guess it was slow last week. Here is another example of political correctness being forced on us way too hard. The problem is the comment isn’t that different from what Fredrick Douglas touched on with his “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” speech. I guess the problem is we should move on from the fucked up history this country has and even more so now with the fact we have a Black President. The comment was about the past, as he stated “the slaves weren’t free”. So how is this a big deal to people living in the here and now?

Here is the fact the tweet was funny but was open to criticism because of that’s how tweets are. There are so many people who have been caught up because of tweet whether people agreed with the tweets or not. So would that tweet be as controversial if it was part of a stand up set? If Chris Rock set up a joke about history and American holidays and somewhere threw in that same comment he tweeted how many people wouldn’t laugh? It would be funny and people would even clap and of course there would more jokes around the 4th  of July and slaves so that may not even been the funniest or boldest comment of the part of his jokes. It is easy take shots at someone saying what they feel whether it’s right or wrong but this is just people wanting move on from the  original sin of our country.

I have no idea how slavery is depicted in school these days but when I was a young boy we saw the slave auction flyers, the pictures of slaves been beating and lynched in social studies books.  Hell again we’ve only had equal freedoms since the late 60’s so there are still people around that know about what freedoms we as African Americans didn’t have. So if one of those older African Americans were to say their parents hated the 4th July and they never tried to celebrate the day with their kids, are we supposed to tell them get over it?  The tweet was funny and had teeth and to be offended or feel we should move on pass those days of our past means people just want to avoid speaking on why we are still so easily divided, whether it’s because we have a Black President or an African American was shot because he or she was somewhere someone didn’t think he should have been. Truth is some minorities African Americans included still don’t feel that the 4th of July is for them and if they choose to say or tweet that it’s our right to do so.

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