Romney showed up Obama didn’t and the NAACP is cool with that

Romney at NAACP

Remember all the hype surrounding the fact that President Bush wouldn’t attend any NAACP conventions? Well as far as I can count these last two conventions have went on without President Obama showing up. This being an election year one would think that the President would pop up somewhere and during the week and speak, but he hasn’t so far. He did make it the NALEO last month, a day after Romney had been there and spoke.

Mitt Romney showed up to the NAACP convention and said his peace not even attempting to pander at all and for that he was booed. The major fact that he showed up knowing that such a thing as being booed could and did happen became the news. For some reason President Obama not showing wasn’t made an issue by The NAACP but by the media. CNN seemed obsessed with that fact yesterday more than they were interested about what happened to Romney. The thing is those at the convention came off okay with the fact Obama wasn’t showing up. They were okay with a President not showing up to the convention on an election year.

How could Obama not show up? How could those at the convention be cool with that?  Yes Joe Biden showed up and  got the love that was expected but that shouldn’t be taken as a good thing. Could this be a case of African Americans supporting Obama for no other reason than because he is black? We’ve all heard how no matter how bad things are economically and with unemployment higher for African Americans, yet polls show that Obama has a high approval rate among African Americans. Could this be that same situation, African Americans easily overlooking the Obama didn’t’ show up to the NAACP convention when he had showed up to the NALEO convention. Yes I’m saying there is something hypocritical about this because what if Romney wouldn’t have showed up? Would there had been some backlash about Romney, the GOP Presidential candidate, not showing up to the convention after showing up at the NALEO a month earlier? I’m sure there would have been some issues. For some reason there isn’t an issue with President Obama not showing up and that should be pointed out more by people.


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