10 reasons why Obama may not get re elected

pissed off Obama

It is just summer and Presidential hopeful and President Obama are having heated debates while not really talking about real issues and how to fix anything. This time around Obama has a harder chance at getting his second term because in many people minds even as the GOP have went out of the way to sacrifice the American people to make Obama look bad we still have fallen for it. So what if Obama doesn’t get re-elected, then what? To blame it on his race would be too easy and some may even say unfair, but is it really? I don’t know who is going to come away as our President and I do hope it isn’t Mitt Romney but all I can do is vote and vote once. I figure I’d come up with 10 reasons why Obama could lose to Romney.

  1. The Black President effect

It’s safe to say a great portion of Americans wanted to be able to say that they were alive when America had its first Black President. There was nothing but excitement in 2008 with the thought that Obama could win. Once he became president there was even more excitement but that was then. In 2012 Obama  is seen as just the President and that “Black” thing doesn’t play a major part in people mind now unless you’re talking those who were pissed he became President… Because he is Black.

2.   High expectations and major let down

For some reason and I personally blame it on the technology that makes everything happen fast. This economy will not be fixed in the four years because no one can predict what will happen down the line. Who knew what would happen in Greece and Spain? America is in this global economy and even if things get right for businesses that doesn’t mean jobs will be out there for Americans. That has always been the big issues that Americans aren’t getting work because it’s not like companies are going belly up. Still that thought that Obama would somehow save us even as the GOP refused to help was ridiculous.

3.  The Stimulus/ bailouts

No matter how much people tell us the stimulus and bailouts kept things from getting worse Most Americans are still not cool with it. One reason is because their state and on a local level city wise may not have benefited from any of the money given to states.

4.  Obamacare

As much as people love the bill when it’s broken down into parts it’s the bill as a whole that people just aren’t cool with. Not sure why though, if you like it certain parts why not like the whole damn thing. I figure these are the people who buy food as fast food places in parts instead of just getting the meal and yes buying each thing does cost more.

5.  Perception of failure

As much as it is put out there things could be worse people feel that worse is now. Obama first years are summed up as Obamacare and Stimulus package. People have a bitter taste in their mouths because of that and then there is the unemployment issue. Nothing has really been done at all in many people minds. That is expected but somewhat unfair.

6.  Anyone would be better than Obama at this point

Truth be told if Romney was to become President it would be less about how good of a campaign Romney ran and more of the fact that some Americans just don’t want another four years of Obama. Even now with is unfavorable view of Obama the polls are still close. So again if Obama does lose to Romney it isn’t because of Romney at all.

7.  Corporate America

Obama has made enemies of those on Wall Street and many Corporations with his attack on the wealthy and trying to get Americans back to work.

8.  The finger pointing

Whether it is the right thing to do or not, hell whether it helps or not people are tired of the finger pointing.  Bain this, wealthy that, it has gotten out of hand at this point.  So far that is all Obama has been doing and so far the evading of these comments by Romney has dragged these topics out. I personally am tired of hearing about how Rich Romney is and what Bain Capital has done.

9.  His record sucks

Even if you don’t feed into all the GOP talks about how Obama has made things worse, there still is the fact that he hasn’t really made things better. People are still losing their homes and jobs and all this is happening on his (Obama) watch. After the first year the “I inherited this debt” talk doesn’t hold up. And even as for the most part things haven’t gotten out of hand and just turned into the shit storm Republicans would lead you to believe things haven’t gotten better to the point that Obama can brag about it.

10.  It’s Obama

There are people who have not liked Obama since they were first introduced to who he is. It’s not about race it’s a vibe about Obama that just never got over with people. Then there are those who like him but feel he wasn’t a good President during his term and may not feel Romney is the man but just feel Obama had his chance and it is time to move on.

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