10 reasons why Obama could be re elected


I really wonder can Obama pull off what in many ways would be considered an upset if he was to get re-elected. I’m sure he can do it, of course it will be a close election, and nothing like the landslide victory Obama had in 08’ at all. In my opinion here are 10 reasons why Obama could beat Romney.

  1. He is going against Mitt Romney

If Romney loses to Obama it isn’t because Obama was the better man but because people just don’t trust Romney.  There is something about Romney that just doesn’t sit well with many people and a good portion of those people are within in his own party. Even as it seems the GOP is behind Romney the truth is the primaries were far from a cakewalk for him and that ”concern” may show up again when people go to the polls.

2.  Things could have been worse

When people think about what Obama has or hasn’t done for the economy the thought is it could be worse.

3.  He really never had a chance

Let’s say he does get re-elected and going by the GOP and that whole “the people have spoken” comment made by John Boehner would that be the perfect message sent to the GOP to work with the President?  The two parties have been at odds for years, many years, but during this term it seems as if they just refused to work with Obama. Even now people already know nothing will get done in Washington until the election is over. That mindset has been in play since Obama was sworn in.

4.  The GOP is out of touch

Between having their hands tied behind their backs thanks to being held hostage by The Tea Party Movement there is also the just plan out of touch aspect of the GOP. Things like Gay marriage and Pro Life talks are a major part of their agenda. If the economy wasn’t so bad we’d be hearing that kind of talk now. As much as I’m tired of hearing about Bain Capital I’m glad it isn’t gay this prolife that. The GOP deals in fear of some sort and right now the biggest fear that they can jump on is Obama getting four more years. Then the more Romney speaks about what he does have in mind to help the economy it all sounds so last administration, which wasn’t a good time as a country.

5.  People like Obama

There are many people who hate Obama and there are those who like the guy. I mean really like the guy, even as it comes off Obama has failed the country some people are still willing to give him a second chance to make things right.

6.  The math doesn’t add up for Romney

I’m shocked people really expected Obama to fix eight years of problems in three, you can make a case of saying two really if you count the first year as a learning year and the last as a campaign year. So doing the math does Mitt Romney really expect to fix what will be twelve years of problems in America in four or two years when excluding the first and fourth year? Some people may just want to see what Obama can do with four more years since he now has the President thing down and wouldn’t have to focus on a re-election campaign.

7.  Obama turned out to be stronger on the enemy than expected

Obama has been bombing brown people like he was part of the Bush clan. Bin Laden, Gaddafi and many others have fallen under the watch of Obama. Obama like Hillary Clinton also seem to really say what they feel when addressing the world and somehow it still doesn’t come off too disrespectful.  That is all an American can ask for from their President, be strong and a straight talker but aware of how you come off when addressing the world.

8.  Obama is working for Americans

Teachers, construction workers, police officers, fire officers and just the middle class are who Obama tries to target. I will admit no one really spoke for the lower class like John Edwards but Obama has tapped into a group of people that we need. We need teachers and no one will say the job they have is easy and that they don’t deserve more money if they’re good teachers.  The same can be said for all the jobs he speaks on, if he ever decides to add mail carrier to that list people will really be behind Obama.  The stating of those occupations gives a connection to the real world. No matter whether you’re rich or poor you need an education, so whether he is talking about getting teacher’s jobs and more money or making college affordable for all Americans there is a “we the people” vibe there. So far Romney hasn’t figured out how to make that point and hating what Obama has done so far isn’t going to be enough.

9.  Obama speaks to the people better than Romney

Yes Obama does for the most part say the same shit with very little changes here and there but it all makes sense. Remember when he was talking to Joe the plumber and when the number crunchers did the math they found Obama was right about the money Joe would save? Obama has a real life story that relates with many people. His mother is from Kansas, his wife’s father was a blue collar worker and both Obama and Michelle ended up going to an ivy league school due to hard work and not legacy. That is the American Dream. Even if Obama wasn’t a great speaker the fact that his message is he did it, he got a slice of the American pie and he feel all Americans should have that opportunity to do the same thing if they choose to is a great message. Romney can’t top that and if he does anything to try to will come off as a snob and even further out of touch with the American people.

10.  Obama may do well in the debates

For those still on the fence it will come down to the debate. Romney really wasn’t that good in the Primaries but to be fair those weren’t exactly one on one debates either. By that time the whole tax, wealth and Bain talk should be old news and it comes down to real American issues. That is where the Republicans come up short because money has to spent and taxes have to be raised to do something for the economy.


2 thoughts on “10 reasons why Obama could be re elected

  1. Well I really hope Obama will get through, Bush has done lots of damage to your image abroad and it looks like Romney would fare as badly… (but then I am just … a horrible child eater… French person lol

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