Embarrassing Americans: Obama sound bite hated but never heard in context


“You didn’t build that”

–        President Obama

Yes Mitt Romney and the GOP are trying hard to capitalize on those four words. There is a web ad out and everything now as Romney tries to spin those four words into so much more than they need to be. Of course anyone who thinks like Romney may agree that those four words are anti entrepreneurial. Mitt Romney in his mind has found that link to Obama and him truly being out of touch.  But people aren’t seeing the whole picture, hell many people just heard those four words as if the President went out said that and then said “ God bless you and God bless America” and went off to the next city. I’ve heard the build up to those words and when you hear everything it makes sense.

The media is to blame here plan and simple. Perfect example when you Google that comment there are sites reporting about what Obama said, those four words, and how Romney is jumping on that. You’ll see sites debating about how wrong Obama is to say what he said. Hell you Google video that same thing and get the twelve seconds of footage. It isn’t until you scroll down and maybe even click to  the second page do you get the over two minute part of that speak where those twelve seconds come from.  Even on YouTube the longer excerpt isn’t first. This whole bullshit attempt to make Obama look bad could be dead if not just the media but people looked at the longer version.  This is more proof Americans are lazy ass people willing to be fed bias news as fact and not even attempt to dig deeper. At no point while going through Google did I see any site show the long version to help put shit in context. Yes there was some explaining on a few sites that there was more said but it wasn’t written out or even have some audio link to the two minute excerpt, this is including the big boys like AP, Huffington Post, Fox News, CNN and Yahoo (Yahoo isn’t big but they are always one of the first news sources on Google for some damn reason). Is it too hard to look up the truth and not just ride with an opinion? While on Facebook or Twitter or doing whatever online and coming across this story does it really not cross a person’s mind to think there had to be more said then those four words?  We are lazy and as long as we are lazy news stories like this will always be around and politicians can play these kinds of games.

Then there is the comment and how it does make sense. I saw the Romney web ad and the guy says something about his farther taking a loan out. His father didn’t do it alone, just like Obama said. Hell most people with an idea for a business need investors and if you got a grant you didn’t do it alone. If you had people invest in your idea you didn’t do it alone. The web have a few sites where people pitch their idea and you can donate to the idea, if that idea becomes the next Apple, you still didn’t do it alone. You didn’t build that those who gave you the money did. Even as Obama talked about it starts from school and people making you believe in yourself, you didn’t build that. Those people had a hand in that. That whole part of the speech was about helping one another out and coming together to fulfill ones dreams and goals. Hell you can’t start any business without going through some red tape and if your local city doesn’t allow you do start that business then it doesn’t happen, so yes if it does you didn’t build that.. The city pitched in.

Am I really taking this too far? I don’t think so I feel if people took the time to see or hear what Obama was saying and not listen to the talking heads debate about twelve seconds a real debate could begin. As far as I’m concerned if a show isn’t going to play the part of that speech don’t talk about it. When people do say there was more to it you see the interviewer trying to cut that person off. Why? Because then the conversation switches from those four words to what was really said. Of course Romney isn’t going to let you hear the whole thing, it wouldn’t do him any good to do so. I don’t want to hear people who heard or read about this story who didn’t do the research to find out more about the story give me their opinions either. It’s like overhearing someone say “Fuck Her.” And that’s all you heard and you know that person and some chick don’t get along and you spread it around that so and so was over there the other day and said “Fuck her.” about that chick. Not many people will ask who that person was talking about at all. The truth won’t come out until the person who said that comment or those around them tell who that person was talking about. Now it comes out it was some altercation at the club a few weekends ago and the person was telling the group. Yes this shit with Obama and those four words are alike. Because no one wants to take time and look this shit up and get the bigger picture. We are sheep being led by wolves and we’re ok with that as long as the wolves tell us what we want to hear.

One thought on “Embarrassing Americans: Obama sound bite hated but never heard in context

  1. Mitt Romney recently launched a new TV ad that blatantly twists President Obama’s words on small business owners and entrepreneurs. Romney’s not telling the truth on what the President said. And is taking the President’s words out of context. Romney claims the President told entrepreneurs they didn’t build their own businesses. Actually, he didn’t say that.

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