So when did Ramadan become our business?

london Olympics

NPR had a story about Ramadan during the Olympics.  I personally like the fact that NPR seems to love to attempt to shed light on the Muslim culture whether it is good or bad. This story just comes off forced to me for one reason and that is because Ramadan also took place during the 2008 Olympics , where was the story then? With the Arab Spring and the Western or Modern point of view placed on Muslims you get stories reported like this that come off as there is some search for compromise. I’ve work with Muslims and I mean I’ve done some hard labor that even on a full stomach and drinking water or juice you’d still be burned out. Those people I’ve worked didn’t complain too much and a few of them were older men.  An event isn’t going to last eight hours and yes there will be some heat I’m sure but not enough to play that big of a role in one being exhausted. Many Muslims don’t even practice Ramadan just like there are many females who aren’t wearing Hijabs, it doesn’t make them less of a Muslim just means they choose not to follow that aspect of practice of the religion.

Americans only seems interested in anything we don’t fully understand to simply criticize it from an American standpoint. We’ve done and continue to do it with Asians, Mexicans, people from the Caribbean and of course Middle Eastern people in general. As faith based as this country is, and as fast as we can go overboard, reading comments on the page questioning such commitment to a religion is hypocritical. This story goes from pointing out a coincidence with the Olympic Games taking place during Ramadan to questioning if the opportunity should or will outweigh the faith. I’m sure both have been fine. You can’t tell me a few of those Africans running those marathons and who have won by the way weren’t Islamic. If they are athletes and they do fast during Ramadan I’m sure they have worked out how to do both especially for such a for many once in a lifetime moment


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