The Kolexxxion remix project I’m going to work on

the kolexxxion acapellas

While listening to “More Levels” I remembered there was an acapella album of The Kolexxxion out and figured I could do something with that. Now to be realistic I haven’t finished Home Sick, The Three Kings remix mixtape where it’s Nas over all Preemo and Pete Rocks beats or the Sweet Tooth mixtape where it’s me over all Dilla beats, yes I see the pattern myself and I really need to learn to finish what I start. Anyway I’ve trying to figure out how to do The Kolexxxion remix, should I grab one artist or group and sample exclusively from them or just make a dope beats pulling whatever’s hot? I know I want to rock some Ohio Players, Al Green, Donald Byrd and Donny Hataway just not sure if I will. I will figure it out next week, this post is me telling myself to do it. On the plus side Home Sick is almost done just need to do a few things and arrange it and post it then push it. I’ll put the first track I finish from The Kolexxxion remix out there to get some feedback.


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